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Sunday, June 28, 2009


I am TIRED. Having my weekend ZAPPED by a transplant is always a double edged joy...happy for the patient who gets a new heart, but sad for me because I am up for countless hours and no sleep.

This week, I am totally prepared to be alone all week again. It's all good, I have the stamina to handle it, I just don't appreciate it!

I would ask your PRAYERS for my precious doctor friend who is dealing with all this crap alone at the moment. We have some really sick kiddos....and I do not enjoy having a stressed out doctor! She is too much of a fabulous resource for people to mess with!!!

This week, I really NEED to start packing. That's a goal. It may or may NOT happen. I loathe packing.

That's all that's going on at the moment. Night!

Friday, June 26, 2009

The craziness continues!

Never let it be said that my time alone at work was boring! This week, we've managed to evaluate two kids, admit more kids than I would like, and been attacked by WAY more paperwork than is humanly necessary. It's all good. I understand that everyone needs their time off....but it really is draining on the psyche!

In other excitement, poor Liberty had surgery this week. It was supposed to be a routine dental cleaning, but ended up where she had to have a tooth extracted. This brought on two days (and still going!) of sneezing blood and a generally crabby Liberty Grace. She is better today than she was yesterday, but still having some issues that I'm not entirely happy with the vet about. She's a tad pitiful, but having Oliver around to bug her doesn't give her much recoup time. Poor thing has to be crated with him all day...no telling what THAT is like!

Jason and I had our five month anniversary today! Of course, he's off working, but I am happy he is! He's had a really hard month and the railroad has cut back on the amount of trains it is sending out. Thankfully, it is picking up and he's back to work on a consistant basis. I do miss him being around, but I am glad things are starting to turn around at work!

I am moving in less than 2 months and I haven't packed a single box yet! This is exceptionally unusual for me! I guess I need to get moving, right?

One year ago yesterday, I was admitted for my eleven day stay at Baylor University Medical Center. It was the most horrific thing I've ever experienced, comprised of a TON of puking, scans, lab tests, and culminating in my gall bladder removal. It doesn't seem like it's been a year...but July 5 will be my one year from GB removal...and that seems BIZARRE! Thank goodness for my amazing surgeon (LOVE you, Dr Kuhn!) who tirelessly fought to figure out what was wrong with me!

Okay, I'm currently being sucked in to the TV series "The Tudors" (thanks Michael and Jen!). I'll update again soon...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Same story, ninth verse!

I bet you will NEVER ever guess what the title of this blog is about...oh yes, my friends...I'm moving AGAIN! Unfortunately my brilliant plan to save money by living right by the hospital isn't working out so well. So, I'll be moving in August...my ninth move since I moved to Dallas in 1999. Wow. Has it really been that long? Huh. Interesting.

Anyways, I'm actually moving out of my comfort zone and happy Dallas bubble. In looking at rent and freeways and traffic, I decided it probably wasn't a good plan for me to move back up to North Dallas. The tollway sucks money out of me and I don't want to go that route again. My next thought was over by my brother and sister in law's house...but then that puts me farther away from Jason in Fort Worth. Not a great option! So, I reached out of my protective Dallas bubble and feverishly searched the mid-cities area (Hurst/Euless/Bedford). I found a great affordable apartment in Euless and turned in my application yesterday! This time, I got smart and did it through a company which will pay for my move. DeLIGHTful! Those of you who know me at all understand that a moving company is a luxury I have always insisted on paying for. I'd rather eat ramen for a month than have to move myself! :)

So, effective August 21st, I'll be a Tarrant county resident. It should be interesting. My aunt lives in Euless and works in Dallas so she's got all kinds of lovely short cuts to save me from the drama of the freeways. It will be nice to be so close to her, although I'm sad to be farther from Michael and Jennifer. I just need to figure out how to get Jen over her fear of freeways so she can come and play with me more often! :) I mean, I'll live 10 minutes from Grapevine Mills! How fabulous is THAT?

This week has been the complete opposite work week than last! I have only had two or three kids in clinic, which is shocking for me. I'm used to having seven or eight every time! It's a nice break. One of my transplant docs is going on vacation today for 3 weeks, then the other coordinator goes for 2 weeks...so it's nice to get a calm week before the mayhem! :)

Guess I should probably get back to work. Have a fabulous day!