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Thursday, November 30, 2006


Winter is HERE! FINALLY! :) It has been snowing/sleeting all day, and I am SO absolutely excited about it! It's freezing cold out (last weather.com check said 29 degrees with wind chill to 17 degrees) and I am very happy. For once, I do not have to work on a great weather day! I have the freedom to sit at home, decorate my house for Christmas, and stay warm! Unfortunately, I have discovered that I have the most pitiful collection of Christmas decorations! Guess I either got rid of them or sold them in the amazing garage sale. At last count, I have my Willow Tree nativity, a Veggie tales nativity, 3 stockings, and 3 votive holders....plus a tablecloth and some placemats. And a stuffed Santa Tigger and 2 Christmas pillows. This is sad. I don't even have something to hang on my door! I really need to go to Garden Ridge (cause Target has NOTHING!) for more decorations, but I don't really want to go that far today. Especially when there's so much sitting around and staying warm time to be had!

I took some pictures of the snow at the apartment...isn't it just BEAUTIFUL outside?

Tonight, I'm supposed to go downtown to a parade meeting at the Adolphus. This is sad for multiple reasons. It is SO cold outside, but I'm sure it's 10 degrees colder downtown with all the wind shear and stuff. Also, there's no good way to get down there. If I take the DART, I have to walk multiple blocks to the hotel. If I drive, I end up getting stuck in Valet traffic and not getting to eat or buy my sweatshirt! It's also Thursday...and having a meeting tonight means I have to miss part of Grey's Anatomy. This is TERRIBLE! :( Much reason for sadness.

Guess I'll be going...It's the perfect day for a nap! I also took a picture of my beautiful nativity scene...I just think it's fabulous! :) SO glad I don't have to buy any more of the pieces this year! Whoopee! :)

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I am SO excited. Today, I turned in my last 2 papers of the semester and took my last test. It was a truly exciting experience. I still have to stick around for the rest of the class day (something about a participation grade), but I have no more grades to turn in! Ta DA! :) This afternoon, we are watching "Outbreak" and I am completely freaked about it. I started to watch that movie at LeTourneau, and only could get through about 20 minutes of it. I ended up dreaming about monkey bites for the rest of the month. It was not a good time, and I'm really not interested in watching it....and I wouldn't, if I didn't have to be fabulous for a participation grade. So here I sit, dreading my afternoon!

I'm finished with work for the week after working three in a row. ICK. I have a skills check off on Friday, but otherwise, I'm free until Monday. I think I am taking my car into be apparaised on Thursday. Hopefully they will tell me they can fix it...so my poor Nessie doesn't have to be ugly anymore! One would hope...that is. I'm also watching my friend baby Samuel this week while his mom goes on a job interview. How fun is that? I love babies!

Yesterday, I got a very welcome surprise! A friend of mine flew into Dallas for the night for work, and he and I got to go catch up! It was great seeing him, and sadly he had to get to bed so he could go fly a plane at 5ish this morning...so he needed to be well rested! But we had a great time, as we always do, and both of us wished we would have had more time! Stupid jobs. They really seem to get in the way, you know? :)

Besides work and school, nothing is going on. And I mean, absolutely nothing. I've been having some hand numbness related to a choice I made a couple weeks ago, and I'm gonna have to go get it seen. Apparently, having a numb spot on the top of my hand isn't normal...and I should probably do something about it. I'm just REALLY praying there isn't anything that needs to be surgically fixed, because I really can't do that right now! But, knowing my luck, something will be drastically wrong and I'll lose function of my hand if I don't have surgery...but let's not think that! :) Let's think happy thoughts! :)

Anyways, my school break is almost over, and I'd better get back into the classroom. Tons of fun! :)

Friday, November 24, 2006

Holiday fun!

Well, the lovely Thanksgiving has come and gone...and I didn't even get any leftovers! How sad is that? My family came into town late Tuesday night. Mom brought Kim over to my side of town Wednesday for fun and games. We ran around town, grabbed Jennifer, and met my friend Tammy over at Grapevine Mills for shopping and movie fun. It was good to hang out with her again...especially since it's been so long! :(

Thursday was spent with my family at my aunt and uncle's house in Saginaw. We stuffed ourselves and laid around to watch the Cowboy game! I even weasled out of having to do dishes! I RULE! :) I came home last night, watched Grey's Anatomy, and fell asleep REALLY early. I'm such a weenie!

I'm at work today, and it's really not too bad. It's very quiet here, mostly because no one is here today. Apparently our floor is staffing the whole hospital, so even though we only have about 12 kids, we had to send three of our nurses to other floors in the hospital...cause they don't get their own staff. Retards.

The only BAD part of the whole week was my own stupidity on Wednesday night. After dropping Kim at Grandma's house, I really thought it would be fun to back up into a parked car on Grandma's street. Needless to say, Nessie HATED it...and now has a beautifully scratched up bumper and dented back end. I'm goign to get it appraised next week...cause I just can't life with a pitiful looking car! :(

Anyways, that's pretty much all that is going on. Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful...and just remember...there are only 30 days until CHRISTMAS! :)

Monday, November 20, 2006

Busy, BUSY life!

I've been so busy lately, but it's been a good thing! I did work this weekend, of course...seeing as I work EVERY Sunday in November. ICK! Just when I'm getting into a church I love, I get pulled away to make life better for children. I was busy, but not too bad.

I did get to go to this fabulous concert with Crash on Saturday night. It was the Dallas Symphony Orchestra with this jazz chick. I haven't gotten that fancy dressed up in quite awhile...and it was nice to be all cute! :) The Meyerson Symphony Center downtown is so beautiful inside and the acoustics are amazing! Anyways, we had a great time, and it was such a great concert! I should have gotten pictures...but I'm such a retard...I forgot. :(

Tomorrow, my family drives into town...and I get to see them Wednesday! Hooray for
fun! :) I do have to work Friday, but that shouldn't be too bad.

The puppies are in a ball on the chaise lounge. They have both burrowed under this amazing blanket I have...and are quite happily sleeping, with the occasional licking outburst.

Anyways, I should probably get going. Things here are fading fast...and I think my heated bed is calling me! Good night! :)

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Hooray for days off!

Well, I think I'm pretty much recovered. I've spent a lot of time relaxing and sleeping the last two days. It's been a welcome change from the busyness of work! Today, Jennifer and I went shopping for a winter coat, which I still haven't found. I'm at a completely frustrating point in my weight loss. I'm exactly between plus size and misses sizes! Plus sizes are too big, and misses don't exactly fit just yet. What on earth amd I supposed to wear? This is SO frustrating!

Besides that, I haven't really done anything noteworthy. I had school yesterday, and now only have one more class day in the semester! I'm SO excited about that! I'm not quite sure what I'll be doing with myself when I don't have school for 6 weeks...but I know it will be SO much less stress!

My sister and her husband (and dog!) are flying to Texas on Saturday. I haven't seen Kim for a year, so it's going to be really exciting to see her. I know she'll be in Houston first, then come here to the metroplex mid next week. I think she wants to meet all the people I've been talking to her about...we'll see if she gets a chance to meet all my crazy friends.

Oliver and Liberty are chasing each other around the house. Oliver hasn't been here for 2 weeks, and he's trying to get all that play time he missed in the first 24 hours. He's a nut.

Well, I must be going. I have things to do...people to see...

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Meltdown alert!

WOW. The five days is over. It's been a really REALLY long couple of days, and now I'm glad to be through with it. I thought I was going to make it through without having a big meltdown...but it didn't happen.

The meltdown occurred this evening, at approximately 8:15pm. All I wanted tonight was sleep and turkey from Dickies. All I wanted in the world. I got my yummy food, put it in the car (in the way back) and went to CVS. Liberty came with me for the car trip because I felt bad leaving her alone at home again. SO, I came back from the store only to find Liberty nose deep into my food. She had eaten the entire thing...and chewed through the hard plastic container to get it. My delicious turkey, potatoes, and black eyed peas....sitting happily in my dog's stomach. That did it. I completely burst into tears and proceeded to cry, right there in the CVS parking lot. I even had a woman come up to me and see if I was okay. Tears EVERYWHERE!

Well, I'm okay now. I'm planning to do a lot of relaxing over the next few days...so feel free to visit and hang out...cause that's all I'll be doing! :)

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Is the end near?

I am TIRED. It is taking every single effort in my body to stay positive...and some of the time, it's still not happening! :) I really feel okay, it's just long and draining...but I knew it would be. Right now, I've just eaten lunch after one of my more busy afternoons. BUT, the end is near! :) I'm more than half way through! For never even having done four in a row, I think that I feel good! Normally, by the end of the third day, I am dead...but not so much yet today! I'm counting on a certain someone to make my day later on so that I can know that all does not revolve around the hospital. Without that, I seriously think I might hurt myself...or at least Liberty! :)

I really don't have anything else to say! What else have I done? NOTHING but work! :) I'm hoping for a quiet afternoon, but at this place, who knows?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


No, not the weather outside! It's supposed to be in the 80's today! I'm sitting in class today, freezing my rear off! It's HOT outside and below 60 in this classroom! I need to start bringing my own space heater.

I'm soaking up every spare minute of non work time this week. Yesterday, I did have to go into work and do skills day. This is where they set up all the equipment we are already supposed to know how to use and quiz us on it. It takes just over 2 hours, mostly because there's always that one stupid nurse who doesn't know how change a tube dressing. My personal favorite station is the defibrilator station. Now, as a cardiac nurse, I really know how to use this fabulous machine. If my child is coding, I better darn know how to shock them. BUT, it's SO important for every nurse to know how to use it because codes happen on every floor. Nurses don't know how to use it! They sit there, and flounder over how to how to even turn it on! RETARDED! THis frustrates me, because I hope that in a code situation, my child will have a nurse that actually knows how to turn the darn thing on.

Tomorrow, I have to finish a paper during the day, go to a class at work (only an hour long! EW!), and then go to Crash's house for my standing Grey's Anatomy date.
Hopefully it will be relaxing...with no stress...as I prepare for the five days of work! :) I'm going to need lots of people being sweet and encouraging in order to ward off the evil attitudes that will no doubt surface by the end of day 2!

Tonight is Teenie's graduation from puppy class! It is going to be so sweet...and I hope he behaves! He's been with Becca this week, and they've been working on his trick to show the class. He and I worked on it last week. He's going to do a spin. We got one spin down, hopefully he's going to spin around more than once. He'll do anything for meat paste. I'll make sure to take pictures of him with his mortar board on. He'll be fabulous!

Anyways, seeing how I am currently IN class, and not paying attention, I should probably get back to that. The study of old people nursing has absolutely no bearing on my job, but I guess I should maybe pay attention? NAH. No thank you! This class is horrid! Today, we got our schedules for next semester. I will have class every Thursday and will be taking 16 hours. ICK ICK and TRIPLE ICK! At least I get a month an a half off! From Nov 29 to Jan 18 is free time! Hooray!

K. I'm done here. I'm sure I'll have a frantic post around Sunday, requesting urgent happy thoughts to come my way before I hurt someone! Just keep me in mind!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Gracie's styling...and apparently stripping!

Cold and dreary!

I really don't mind the cloudy skies, but I'd rather it be cold and GORGEOUS out there! It's really nice weather out! I can still have my back door open, and I'm not frozen!

Today, I'm behaving myself...which is rare. I went grocery shopping this morning, and am now currently involved in laundry, house cleaning, and book report writing (am I in grade school again?) all at one time. I figured I needed to be productive on my days off...for reasons I am about to divulge! :)

SO, this next schedule is absolutely horrible for me. I have to work every Sunday, which I hate, no Saturdays (which I'd rather work than Sunday!), and 2 weeks, I have to work three in a row! I hate that! :( So, here comes the upcoming dilemma. A friend of mine has tickets to a college football game this weekend. I willingly switched to work Saturday for her...cause I know how much she wanted to go, and I really don't mind switching with people I know will help me out later. SO, I switched off Thursday and on to Saturday...no big deal. I didn't even think about looking at the next schedule (which was on the next page) because I figured I worked Sunday..and Fri/Sat/Sun isn't that bad, even though I hate three in a row. Well, my schedule next week is Sun/Mon/Tues....so that means I'm now working Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon/Tues. I'm going to be such a nice person after it's all over with! :) I do not mind helping out a friend, so I'm just going to work, and try REALLY hard not to complain. Well, maybe I'll just complain only to myself. Needless to say, no one will be hearing from me over those five days...cause I'm going to be only working and sleeping. I probably won't even eat!

Today, I bought Liberty a new sweater. She hates it, but at least she is staying warm. I'll post some pictures of her in it...she's so cute! :) She can still sneak her way out of it...but at least this one is long enough! I also bought her a new sheep to shred. Teenie did a great job of shredding her squirrel and hedgehog to absolute bits...and I ended up throwing the carcasses away last week, so she didn't have anything to play with. Today, in the couple of hours she's had the sheep, she's already managed to rip its face open and start removing fluff.

Well, I had better get back to being productive. Tons of fun for me!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Cause for celebration!

I'm so excited! My brother passed the bar exam! He's now officially a lawyer! SO FANCY!

Other than that exciting news, it's been a pretty low-key day. I cleaned my apartment, which was in desperate need of attention. I also went shopping with Jennifer and bought some new sheets! I love flannel! :) I didn't have any that fit, on account of the new sized bed...so this was a very exciting experience. I also bathed Liberty...mostly cause she really REALLY smelled...and needed to not smell like Fritos. Do any of you have dogs? Smell their feet! They actually do smell just like Fritos! It's nasty!

Today, I finished my Grey's Anatomy marathon. It was a bittersweet ending, mostly because now I'll have to find something else to amuse myself with. Perhaps my assigned school book? Nah. Definately not that. What else can I do? Hmmmmmm.....

Tomorrow, I'll probably do laundry and finish the clean sweep. It's a wonderous life I lead! I work this weekend, so I'm sure I'll be just having SO much fun. I am excited because my friend Ashley is back to work after her wedding, and I am so excited to see her! :) Okay, so I just used the word excited a lot, but that's okay...cause it's a fabulous word! :)

Anyways, I'd better get going. I have somewhere to be....and a show to watch! :)