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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I am so completely addicted. I really REALLY tried not to be. I resisted for almost 2 years. I said to myself, "Self, we will not watch that show. We will not become completely entangled in the plot lines. We did it with Friends and Will and Grace...and now we will have a break!" Sadly, this is not the case. Now, I go to work every week and discuss the wonders of my addiction. I love Grey's Anatomy.

My dogs are possessed! Oliver is currenlty rolling around the floor, howling and growling at Liberty, attempting to entice her to play. She is NOT interested. I'm absolutely tired of them shrieking and throwing themselves at me. I've separated them for the moment...both of them are sitting now in their cages, having some rest time. No one is shrieking now! Hooray!

I'm really not wanting to go to school tomorrow....but it does mean that after tomorrow, I only have three class periods left in the semester, and then I'm half done! Isn't that absolutely NUTS? I can't believe it's gone by so fast! Soon, I'll have my grades...and then Children's can pay me back that giant wad of money I paid for tuition! Hooray!

By the way, my pie turned out FABULOUSLY...and the evening was pretty wonderful too. BUT, I'm sure ya'll don't want to know all those details...especially since my parents read this. They really don't NEED to know those! :) (Love you, Mom and Dad!)

Anyways, It is exactly 11:42pm...and I have school tomorrow. Guess I should go to sleep now. I've turned off the addiction for the night...I'm sure it will be back tomorrow! :)

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sunshine, glorious sunshine! :)

I love the sunshine! Today, it's around 80 degrees and wonderfully sunny! There's not a cloud in the sky, and I don't have to work! It usually ends up that I have to work on gorgeous days like this...and today I don't! It's such a happy time!

I've had a wonderful weekend! I did not have to work, and I've definately taken advantage of the time off! Yesterday, I did absolutely no school work! It was a blessed change! I read non school books and watched Grey's Anatomy all day! Last night, Becca and I ate lots of mexican food, ice cream, and injured both our wrists bowling like champs at Main Event. I guess taking bowling in college doesn't really help 8 years later. I don't think I scored over 80 either game. I'm so sad. Oh well...such is life!

Today, I'm currently in the middle of attempting to bake! I'm having dinner with a friend, and promised to bring dessert. SO, I'm making a chocolate buttermilk pie thingy. I'm wretched at cooking, but since he's making the rest of the dinner, I figured I could at least attempt. I am really hoping this doesn't end up in a complete flop and force me to bring store bought cookies. That would be horrid. Think very good thoughts for my pie! :)

Now the pie is smelling REALLY good. I like pie crust.

Other than my pie making and watching HOURS of Grey's Anatomy, I really don't have much going on. I'm still really happy with the way things are going in life...and keep a prayer going for what is coming up! School is only four more weeks this semester! HOORAY!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I'm sitting here, on my beautiful chaise lounge, watching the rain. It's at this absolutely freaky angle, almost sideways! It almost never rains onto my porch, which is good, seeing as I have a papizan chair with fabric cushion out there! It's the perfect temperature outside, with just a little bit of wind. It's really beautiful outside.

Aside from the beautiful weather, I've been doing a lot of uninteresting things today. I finished one paper for school, and got halfway through another. I don't have any tests this week, so that was a nice change. I have school tomorrow, then work on Thursday and Friday, YIPPEE! :) Today, I also went and surprised Jennifer after work. We went to the Grand Lux Cafe (SO YUM) for a really late lunch. I also got some fabulous wine glasses at Pottery Barn, and some delicious olive oil at Oil and Vinegar! Hooray! :)

I'm really sleepy now....maybe I should go to bed. I slept really REALLY well last night, which is surprising. Hopefully, I'll have another night like that tonight!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Samuel loves BOPPY TIME!

We're chilling....

He's either yawning...or talking...

A precious start...and wretched end! :)

I had a great day today....irregardless of what the subject heading says. I spent the morning with precious baby Samuel! He is such a cutie, and already such a little heart breaker! He's got his parents completely head over heels for him, and I can absolutely see why. I'll post some pictures of the little guy before this post. I brought Kris "Babywise" so hopefully, she and Joe can get some much needed sleep.

After baby time, I went and got a massage with Jennifer. She had a perfectly wonderful time, while mine was rather interesting. Let's just say that I don't REALLY enjoy having my rear massaged. It was quite a freakish experience.

I picked up Sadie and Oliver at Becca's house, since she's out of town this weekend on a retreat. The three are all happily coexisting again...Sadie's hiding in my bed, Liberty is begging for food, and Oliver is shredding a toy. Lovely.

Tonight, Tammy and I were going to go see the Guardian. When we got there, Tam changed her mind and we ended up going to see Marie Antoinette....a perfectly wretched movie. There were some funny parts, and some sweet parts, but the movie was wholly disappointing. I had looked forward to seeing it, and I really didn't enjoy it. That was the sad ending to my day!

Tomorrow, I'm going to the fair! :) I love the fair! It will be a fun day...and I'm excited! Enjoy the pics of Samuel!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

SO sweet!

I love CAKE! :)

Amanda and I...we're SO good at taking our own pictures!

The fabulous women I work with! :)

And the days fly by...

Can you believe it is already past the middle of October? Halloween will be here soon...then Thanksgiving, and my personal favorite...CHRISTMAS! :) I love decorating for Christmas! :) It's also exciting to note that I only have five classes left in the semester! Five weeks more of stressing, although my stress level has drastically dropped since my 2 ickiest classes are over. I have one more paper to turn in for the 2nd one, but they are both basically done. Now I move on to more interesting teachers, although not really more interesting content. I worry so much about my papers and tests, and I am consistantly getting wonderful grades! I am so blessed! :)

I'm in the midst of a bunch of days off...which is SO good for me! I originally was upset that I was scheduled to work Sun, Mon, Tues...but I don't regret it now! I was a little nasty for a couple of those days, but my outlook is much better now! I have a paper to write for next week, and I've already started the research...shocking! I had a class today, and then Jennifer and I went to the Allen outlet mall. I have no winter/fall clothes...and needed some! Let's just say I am SO addicted to brown right now! I think everything I bought was some fabulous shade of it. It's insane. Oh well, at least this season, brown is REALLY in...and since I look good in it, I can find a lot of it! Now, I'm just hanging out with Gracie, who is viciously eating a Diet Dr Pepper bottle. Her brother isn't here to steal it...so she's pretty darn happy about that.

Tomorrow, I'm going over to play Mommy relief to my friend Kris. Her son is 2 weeks old, and when I talked to her today, she seemed WAY frazzled! :) I'm so glad to be able to help her out! In the afternoon, Jennifer and I are going to get massages. Jen's never had one at a massage school, mostly because a friend of hers told her she had to be half naked and walk around in front of lots of people. I don't know what kind of crack pot school of massage that girl went to, but that's SO not the way it is at mine! Scary! Saturday, some girls from work and I are going to the fair, which is ALWAYS exciting. I haven't been back since the very beginning, so it will be good to go watch the pig races and all! Other than that, it will be a lot of doing nothing with all the puppies, Sadie included.

I'm gonna find some pics from the wedding to post on here...that way you can see just how pretty it was! East Texas really is lovely! :)

Friday, October 13, 2006

I think Friday the 13th is retarded...usually. I don't get into the whole superstitious thing, mostly cause I think it's crap! Yesterday, it was just not my day! It started out awful! For some unknown reason, I am sleeping terribly the last month or so. I think it really has something to do with my level of school stress...but I could be wrong. I just wake up several times a night with the major inability to go back to sleep. Anyways, so I woke up not very well rested. I get to work, all ready to actually take patients...and I had to sit in the telemetry room. Yes...that tiny little room that has nothing but heart monitors and incessant BEEPING. It was absolutely the WORST thing! :( It did turn out to be not a bad day after all...the most fabulous charge nurse called someone in and sprung me out of that horrid land. I ended up being the transport nurse for the rest of the day, which doesn't really bother me. I really like helping my friends, even when I am busy with my own kids...so it was all okay. I DID have a good ending to the day! The charge nurse let me go home early! I FINALLY got my grocery shopping done, and Amanda and I went to the dollar movie. Hooray! :)

Right now, I'm all dressed up and ready to go to East Texas for Ashley's wedding. I found a dress in my sister-in-law's closet, which really looks CUTE on me! :) I did have to buy shoes, which I did this morning. I think I ended up paying more for the shoes than she paid for the dress! Oh well, I probably needed to expand my cute shoe collection. Amanda and Tammy are headed over here, so we can all be cute together. I am really excited to see Ashley get married! :) I am sad, though, that it falls on the same day as my friend Cat's daughter's first birthday. Cat was my preceptor at the hospital. I got to be around for the very beginning of her pregnancy, since I was stuck to her hip for the first 4 months I was there! I saw Kate soon after she was born, and she's just so stinking cute! Her birthday party is today...but I'm sure that she's not going to remember any of it! I made sure to get her a fabulously loud present and sent it over with her uncle, who I have been hanging out with a lot lately...hence the perpetual happiness. BUT, I get yelled at when I start out on the happy tangent...so I'll move on!

I have to work the next three days, so I'm sure I'll be a bundle of joy early next week. I have a test this week, with almost no time to study, but my grade in that class is pretty stable, so I'm not worried. I did have my GIANT practicum assessment this past Thursday, and ended up not getting any points taken off! Just think, I spent all that time stressing for absolutely no reason! My instructor does say that good stress is healthy, but I don't think that sleep deprivation is healthy...so we'll just forget about that.

Well, I should probably get moving, seeing as I have to go finish getting ready. :) Have fun today...in whatever you do!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Happy times! :)

It's been SUCH a good weekend! I didn't think that it was going to start out that way because I felt kinda rotten last week towards the end. I was just feeling exhausted and my chest was hurting from all the weather changes and stuff. I finally got my asthma under control and now I'm HEALED! :) Let's see...what have I done this weekend. Well, I had a date :), went shopping with Michael and Jen, went to a pajama party at Becca's, went to church, worked on my paper, went to go watch the football game (stupid STUPID game!), and just had a great time NOT at work! :) It's been quite awhile since I had that much time off, and let me tell you, it has done wonders for me! :) I'm back at work today and tomorrow, then off to school the next two days. I've got a huge check off this week, so keep the prayers coming!

My house is actually starting to look like a home now. I'm getting more and more pictures put out, but still nothing on the walls. I'm working up to that. I put up curtains in the bedroom, and that's pretty impressive for me! I'm not a big interior decorator, so I usually need lots of assistance...and prompting to get it done!

I guess there's not really anything else going on. I'm happy right now...we'll just leave it at that.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The end is not near...but I'm still hanging on! :)

OH heavens. Why did someone not sit me down at the beginning of the semester and attempt to talk me out of this madness? This is probably the silliest thing I have ever done, and that includes working and going to nursing school together the first time! I don't know why it is so crazy, except for the mountains of paperwork and tests to study for. But I'm hanging on, so I really can't complain too much. I'm close to finishing 2 of my 4 classes for the semester. I think that will really make a big difference in how my stress level is. I'm not too sure what to expect from the second 2, but I do know it can't be as bad as this! :)

I took a test this morning, and am not waiting for the rest of my classmates to finish their tests. I think I have until 10AM to sit and just play on the computer, which is shocking. I never get a chance to do that anymore! :)

Work is going well. It's been relatively quiet the last couple of days, which is shocking. I've had so many bad days in a row, that the nice days are a little hard to believe. I am starting to feel the physical drain of school and work, though. I'm not really feeling that great today...and I don't know how to stop the progressive illness that is no doubt coming on because of the lack of sleep and high stress level I'm subjecting my body to. I'm taking lots of vitamins...but I don't really know if it's helping or not. I think it just makes me hyper. :)

Oliver goes back to stay with Becca this week. It's so fun having him around because Liberty always has a playmate, even if she doesn't want one. Yesterday, I was right in the middle of talking to Jennifer, and Oliver let out the most pitiful howl I've ever heard. He REALLY wanted Grace to play with him, and she wasn't ready yet. Ironically, she became ready about 15 seconds later...but she still let him howl. They've been really good about going outside and not barking at strangers. I'm glad, because it was starting to get really old!

My friend Ashley is getting married next weekend! :) I'm so excited, yet panicked because I have no idea what to wear. It's probably going to involve a shopping trip, which only stresses me. I'm at a horrid predicament right now, that plus size clothes are getting to be too big, and regular sizes just don't quite fit right yet. What am I supposed to wear? I'd really love just to wear pajamas all the time, since that's pretty much the only thing that fits right now...but apparently that's not acceptable. Retarded.

Anyways, I suppose I should go mosey upstairs and see if anyone else is done with their tests. Or not. I'm really not bonded with any of the people in my class...and maybe I should be. Oh well, I'm not going to stress about it! :) I'm sure I'll blog again some other day...hopefully before the end of the month... :)