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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Back to the grindstone.

Well, I'm back at work. Having a ball! :) Actually, the first part of my shift was pretty crazy...as usual. When I got here, I was so excited because I was going to be taking care of Marcos! This is really a huge accomplishment for me. They don't give you such a "fresh" transplant until they are convinced you can handle it. I was overjoyed! That joy was short lived when I found out they were getting ready to transport him back to the ICU. My poor baby. Apparently they are concerned that he has an infection in his blood...but his new heart is okay! :) His parents are so worried. The funny thing was that the instant we started moving his crib, he stopped crying. He did NOT wish to be stationary! He didn't cry the whole way down, and he's been crying for 2 days straight! He's such a sweetheart! After I admitted him back to the unit, I was left with 1 patient. They didn't need me to take anyone else's patients at the time, so I was given the fabulous gift of updating these horrific plans of care we keep on all our kids. ARG! So annoying! I actually didn't get another patient until 10:30. Now I have 2 and I will get the next admission. Fun for me. We are actually being made to sign up for extra shifts over the next 2 weeks because we are expecting a bunch of kids from the New Orleans area. I have no idea where we are going to put them. We are pretty full already. Apparently these patient rooms were built to put 2 patients in. I have no idea how we're going to do that. We don't have enough telemetry boxes for all these kids. Are they planning to just push an extra bed in there and hope there's enough room? I have no idea. I think they were trying to get me to work extra this weekend...but I would have none of that. My family is coming into town..and I want to spend time with them...not at work. I don't really think they can force me to come in if I am at home. It's a scandal.

Now I've finally had a chance to sit down. It's a beautiful feeling.

Gracie actually behaved herself today. No eating crap...no nasty poop...no nothing. I wonder what's wrong with her! :)

I've been doing a lot of researching for my upcoming Washington DC trip. I'm very excited about it! I found out yesterday that it's pretty much a safe bet that if you want to tour the capitol or the supreme court...you need to be in line at 7:30am. I do not DO that time unless I am working! :) I decided that I would write to my senator and see if someone in his office would take us on a tour. I faxed a request yesterday, and they already called back today that they would love to take us on a tour! Hooray! :) We get to go to both the Supreme Court and the Capitol building without waiting in any lines! I love that.

Well, I'd better go sniffing around here for some fun before I fall asleep.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Almost over

Well, it's the last full day of vacation. It's been such a nice break, but I don't mind going back. I'd like to find out how my baby Marcos is doing, as well as a couple of other patients that were there when I left.

Liberty is diaper free and doing fine. I put her to bed with one on...and found it next to my head when I woke up. I think she was punishing me. It's her fault, really. Now I have a stash of size 1 diapers with the Land before Time on them...if anyone needs them. I only used 8 or so...

This weekend is my aunt's 40th birthday. Her friends and the crazy family have hired a limo thingy to take us around and stuff. She doesn't know anything about it. It should be a good time. Plus, my family will be around for the weekend...and that's always fun. My family is one step away from the looney bin...but in a good way. We're a riot to be around. I don't think I usually leave a meal or a gathering without almost wetting my pants or almost vomiting from laughing so hard.

Liberty is sitting on her hind legs now, begging for okra and tomatoes. She's getting none. She's on a diet.

Hopefully I'll have more to yammer on about once I go back to work. There's really not much to say these last couple of days....it pretty much goes like this....
Sleep....wake up to puppies...piddle around the house...run random errands...eat...beat Gracie for doing something retarded...eat...beat her again...

Have fun today!

Monday, August 29, 2005

She HATES it. Posted by Picasa

Liberty, the retarded one.

Oh my gosh. My dog is retarded. Tonight, we came home from dinner to find her skulking around, with her tail between her legs and her ears down. I thought she had pooped on the floor...if only it was that simple. Well, it seems that she and her sister had decided that a bag of chocolate on my shelf was for their own pleasure. They busted on into it and ate the entire thing. This isn't the first time they've gone after the chocolate. Last Halloween, they ate a bunch too...but without symptoms. Let's just say that the Emergency Vet has received quite a few calls regarding a doxie and poodle consuming chocolate. Anyways, they both seemed fine...so we just decided to watch them. Sadie's fine..no problems. Liberty's having some bowel issues. She really doesn't know it's going on either....she actually pooped (can you call it poop when it's that gross?) on her way to the sliding glass door without breaking a stride! Poor thing. I ended up going and buying her diapers so she wouldn't poo all over the house. She HATES them. I'll post a picture of her wearing them.

Other than retardaween, it's been a pretty uneventful day. I did have to get up in my Weight Watchers meeting and tell the secret of my success. I hit my 50lb loss today....so that was fun. I really just spent the day running errands and fiddling around the house.

Now I'm hooked on the Discovery Health Channel. I'm watching "The mermaid baby". It's very bizarre to me to think that other countries would do these surgeries instead of sending them over here. I think this one takes place in Peru. I wouldn't want surgery done in Peru.

Anyways. Happy days to you. Enjoy the pics of Gracie in a diaper.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

House hunting is STRESSFUL!

The vacation continues. Michael and Jennifer came back from Colorado late last night. They left this afternoon, leaving me with 1 less pup and 1 less roommate. It's weird not having a member of my family here. Oh well...I did it before, I'll do it again! So help me...I'll never go hungry again! Okay...so much for my Gone with the Wind moment. It's over now.

It's 11PM and I'm watching Emeril because I can't find the remote. I hate this show. Why does he need to scream and say "BAM" alot? This makes no sense. I'm going to have to put in a movie...this is ridiculous. Okay, the scary man is gone....now only happiness is left. I'm watching White Christmas now. I know, I know...it's still August...but we can celebrate ALL YEAR ROUND!

Today, Becca and I drove around all afternoon looking for new places to live. I don't like living in a neighborhood where my car has been broken into twice...especially since I have a new car...I don't want it messed with. It's starting to get a bit shady here, and the electric bill is enough to put me out on the street. I'll be starving and using all my money to pay for the electricity and Gracie's food. At least she can eat! :) Our search was fruitful, but then we came home and looked up all the places on an apartment rating site...not too good. Apparently, we don't have as good of taste as we'd like.

Gracie is staring at me from under the covers...with just one eye. It's a shocker that she even stopped licking the sheets to do that. She's so crazy. Tonight, we took the girls to the local park, which is right down the road. We let them off their leashes...they love that. They start bounding like gazelles. Liberty ran full force at this teeny tiny child, who I would have thought would have been terrified...but just stood there staring. I tried my best to explain (in spanish no less) that the puppy is loud but doesn't bite. That was fun.

I've got a couple of prayer requests...
1. Keep my precious baby Marcos and his new heart in your prayers. I did go see him the day after his transplant and he looked fabulous. His breathing tube was out already and he appeared to be sleeping peacefully. He's still pretty critical, and his family needs a lot of teaching on what to expect from him. He's so sweet!
2. Another kiddo from my floor...his name is Jacob. He had surgery on the 6th of July and is still in the ICU. He's not doing so great, but his mother is one of the most upbeat and prayerful people I've met. You can go to his website (www.caringbridge.com/visit/jacobmowl) and see his daily updates from his mom. She's such a prayer warrior!

I am absolutely addicted to the Sims computer game. Have you ever played this game? You get to design these fabulous houses and then put people in them. You then control their lives...every aspect, right up to when they shower and pee. It's way fun. I just recently found my copy and have been wasting many an hour playing it.

Well, I guess I should go to bed. Blast it all... :)

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Happy day!

I love not working. Now don't get me wrong, I do love my job. At this point in my life, it's the job I'm supposed to be doing. I don't think there's anything wrong with loving time off! I've been so lazy the last couple of days, but I've also been productive...frighteningly enough. Yesterday I went to donate platelets. Have any of you done that? First of all, it's really good to do, especially since it takes 8 blood donors to get 1 unit of platelets. When you donate, they put needles in both your arms (definately not for the faint of heart) and filter the platelets out and put the red cells back through the other arm. After 2 hours, you have a unit of platelets. I haven't done it in about 2 years...so i forgot how draining it is! I walked to my car and I immediatly was so tired, I needed to go home and take a nap. I literally fell asleep the minute I sat on my bed. Of course, when I went to bed for real last night, I couldn't sleep....the irony.

Right now, I am attempting to type while Gracie is laying right across my chest. She has no boundries. She just yawned right in my face. EW EW EW. She needs her teeth brushed. I'm planning to give all the puppies baths later on today...they just don't know it yet. This includes Sam. Now, when Jennifer baths him at home, she has to use some sort of special dog harness for the tub. I have no such harness. I do however have experience bathing dogs. Liberty and Sadie aren't bad because they have been put in the bath since they were puppies. We have many pictures of water drenched puppy Grace and Boo. Emmitt was a less fun dog to bathe. He would literally escape if you looked away for even a millisecond. You always had to keep one hand on him, and bathe quickly...or else you'd be covered in the bath water. I'm sure I'll have a rocking good time.

Today we made braided pizza bread from Super Suppers. YUMMY! I wanted to eat more of it, but I restrained. It's only the times when i don't seem to restrain that I dread getting on that Weight Watchers scale...like that menstrual week that I ate an entire bag of baked Lay's barbeque chips. I couldn't help it...it was FABULOUS! I also ate an entire wheel of gorgonzola cheese that week. When I got on the scale, and the lady said "Well, you gained 1.4 lbs", I actually said to her "Is that all?" I don't think she was quite sure what to do with that statement.

Liberty is still laying on me. I have no idea why she wants to do this. Apparently, it's comfy here. :) She's nasty.

Becca's making chocolate muffins right now. I've lured her, as well as my mother and sister, into the Weight Watchers wonderland. This recipe came from a meeting and is to die for. That's what I love about the meetings....it's not just you trying to lose weight and celebrate your successes. Everyone's in it together...we all rejoice together..and share recipes and what works for us. So fun. It really is a lifestyle change.

Today I am planning to do not much. Hey, it's vacation time, right? :)

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Burrowed. Posted by Picasa

She's crazy! Posted by Picasa

Busy, busy, busy.

What a lovely day! I did NOT work today, but I was still busy! I did laundry almost all day. Isn't that crazy? I forget how much laundry I have to do! I work so many days in a row that it just keeps piling up. I also haven't washed my sheets in awhile. Isn't that gross? I always forget! I'm retarded. Today, while I was washing clothes, Gracie was crawling into them as fast as I threw them on the bed. I'll post a picture of her in the clothes...hopefully there are no scandalous items of clothing showing! :)

I also straightened up my room and actually vacuumed the floor. That's always fun...for one main reason. The puppies are absolutely terrified of the vacuum. Now, it might be because I have been known to chase them around the house with it...or something else! :) Vacuuming is another one of those things that is so easy to do, but so easily forgotten. When I'm sleep deprived, I don't sit up thinking "My heavens, I should vacuum this floor!" There are much more important things to do. Like sleep.

Here's a gross story. I know all of you are just thrilled that I prefaced the story like that! ANYWAYS. We have a teeny little pantry in our kitchen. For a couple of weeks, these nasty little bugs have been flying out of it. I think I mentioned before that the bold buggers have flown up my pant legs! I cleaned that pantry out today, because I was convinced that there was nothing in there for them to feast on. I couldn't figure out why they wanted to live in there. Well, I found out today. I had these yummy mixes from Homemade Gourmet in there....I don't have them anymore. They were covered with the nasty bug eggs. EW EW EW!! I put so much orange clean on those shelves, and hopefully the bugs won't be back. I haven't seen any flying out of there this evening.

My dog is retarded. This evening, I let her and Sadie go with me to get some dinner. They usually aren't allowed in my new car...I don't want puppy smeared nose marks on my clean windows. Liberty actually has to sit in a puppy car seat if we go to Petsmart or the vet. She hates the seat...she is always trying to weasel out of it. Well, today I decided to be nice and let her sit on the seat...with my hand poised to pop noses if they got close to the windows. She would not sit down. She kept standing with her paws on the middle cushion thingy. When I pushed her down, she would get right back up. At one point, I put my entire arm on the arm rest so she couldn't get up there. She proceded to sit on her hind legs against the back of the seat. She was literally standing there against the seat! She looked so dumb! I took pictures with my camera phone...now I just have to figure out how to get them onto the computer. Poor Sadie was so squished by Gracie.

Tomorrow I am going to give platelets. This involves me laying in a chair, with needles in both my arms, while they suck out the blood from one arm, strip it of the platelets, and put it back through the other arm. I really don't enjoy it, but I have a very rare blood type...and they need it. I'm too nice!

Have fun in whatever you're doing today! :)


Okay, so I guess it doesn't count as vacation if you don't really go anywhere or do anything....but it doesn't matter! All I know is I do not have to work until next Wednesday night! Hooray! :) I went to the library and got some movies and books to read over the next week. I'm on a classic movie kick...My Fair Lady and White Christmas (hey, I celebrate Christmas all year round). Right now, I'm watching the best of Johnny Carson. I actually never ever watched the show while it was on, but my grandpa had the laser discs and we would spend hours watching it. We always asked him to put them on!

I'm also reading a couple books on Washington DC. My brother, sister in law, and I are going there the 3rd weekend in October. I am SO stinking excited! If you have never been there, you need to start planning a trip! There are so many great museums...and the Zoo has pandas! Also, most of the things are free! I love that! Jennifer has never been there and Michael and I are so excited to show her around one of our favorite cities. Reading these travel books is making me more excited!

It is so hot outside. I wish that I would not be so hot anymore. There's no reason for it! It's almost September, and the temperature is still over 100! There's a limit to the amount of clothes I can take off without scaring people.

Let me start this next paragraph by saying that I love Weight Watchers. It's a perfect plan for me, and I've seen great success while being on it. Now the bad part. I ate lunch and dinner...and still had 8 points remaining. I was so full after dinner that I didn't want to put anything else in my body! It's getting close to midnight and I still have points I have to eat. Blast the points. I have to eat them all...but I surely don't want to. I don't have anything in the house that's really bad for me that I can use to waste points. So far, I've eaten 3 tomatoes (okay, so I know I ate 2 yesterday, but they were on sale for 99 cents a pound at Central Market! Really good ones!), crackers and cheese, and pretzels. It's not fun! :) Oh well...if this helps me keep losing the weight...bring it on! :) I'm not wishing that 50 pounds back! :)

Tomorrow will probably be filled with laundry and cleaning....what fun for me!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Isn't she just the cutest? I don't have kids...so I have to post pictures of my dog. Posted by Picasa

Falling asleep standing up!

Tonight is not going to be a good night. I slept like POO! :) I chalk this up to one very adorable, yet unknowing of the ways of the house, puppy. Poor Samuel. He just doesn't get the sleeping all day thing....and why should he? He's been thrown into a house where people eat and sleep at weird times...and he's very confused! Today, he felt the need to alert me to someone's presence at 11:20AM. I had left him in the living room because I didn't think he could handle all the sleeping in the bedroom. Of course, the barking awakened the brown and gray yappers...so we all had to get up and go potty. After that, I just left the door open so they could come and go as they pleased. This was a big mistake. Precious little Samuel decided at 3:07 that he needed to literally POUNCE on Gracie, who was curled up next to me..sleeping. Gracie did not approve of this choice and began fighting back. That was the end of the sleep time. Poor Sam, he didn't know. He's missing his mom and dad...we'll just leave it at that. Sam also decided that he and Gracie needed to be a little bit closer. Gracie was sitting on the edge of the bed, staring at Becca's popsicle, when she was greeted with Sam giving her the "loving". She did not know what to do...it was really hilarious. Jennifer holds out that he did it because Gracie lured him over, but this is totally crazy because Grace was busy lusting over a popsicle. It was pretty funny.

Well, my night of work is amazingly less crazy than last night. I'm very excited about this, but wish something exciting would happen so I could stay awake. I am happy that I was not floated to another floor...which I absolutely expected. Apparently, the shining graces fell upon today's charge nurse who decided that I would remain here tonight. I am bored, though. I've already read the latest People magazine (who really cares about Britney's baby shower?), eaten 2 tomatoes, read an entire book called "Why do men have nipples?", and spent an excessive amount of time on ebay and expedia, planning vacations that I'm not taking. My life is sad! :(

I am so ready for the next 8 days off. Right now, I have big huge plans....clean out the kitchen cabinet. We have these terrifying bugs that like to fly out of there randomly. They are gross! I have no idea what they are feeding on...everything in that cabinet is closed up! Last week, they flew up my pajama pants. Scary! :(

I have a big gigantic praise and an even bigger prayer request! I have been taking care of this adorable baby named Marcos for the last 2 months. Marcos is very sick and needs a heart transplant. He has a wonderful and sweet family who have been praying non stop for a heart to come to their precious son. Yesterday, Marcos got his heart! :) :) He's apparently doing great in the ICU, off the ventilator, but he is still at a very critical place. Please pray for his heart to work well and not reject! Babies who get transplants normally do very well, and he is a very strong baby! Everyone on my floor just loves this precious little butterball and his sweet parents and 2 older sisters. Keep him in your prayers. Also keep the family that donated the heart in your prayers. Apparently, the child was here at this hospital and it gave the family great comfort to know they were giving new life to a child 8 floors up.

Well...better go back to the grindstone...or whatever it is that I am calling it! :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Night from HADES!

Oh my goodness. It's 1:55 AM and I'm already wishing it was morning. Let's take a quick look into why my night was a crap-shoot from the get-go. I was sitting down at the nurses station, writing notes on my kids when one of the residents came up to me and said "We need you to collect this lab NOW because this kid's values are really messed up. " I walked into the room, and that's where the madness began. Doctors started shooting out orders, we couldn't get any blood from this kid...the mom was no help..I think my favorite part was when she said that she hadn't noticed if her child had peed in the last couple of days. What kind of crazy mother (especially one with a child with a chronic condition) doesn't keep up with that? This poor baby had people sticking tubes into every opening he had...filling his sad little body with everything under the sun. Finally, they got the ICU doctor and fellow to come look at him and realize that he really needed to be in the ICU. I'm telling you, I've never seen such scary lab values on a living, breathing child. The pH of his blood alone showed he shouldn't even be coherent! I got the lovely task of shipping his poor little bootie down to the ICU...something I haven't done by myself since I got off orientation. Finally, at 8:45, I got back to my floor to take care of the other 2 kids that were assigned to me....only to find more crap! :) I have another kiddo who has had trouble breathing the last few days. Apparently he likes to code in the early morning hours! NOT ON MY WATCH! :) I went in to talk to him and found him running a temperature. The temp kept going up so we had to draw all sorts of labs on him. Poor baby...he's just so darn sweet! He actually thanked me after the blood draw. Now he's running a freakishly high heart rate without a reason. Mystery.

Doesn't that sound like a really fun night? ICK! Thankfully, I only work one more night...then off for a long time! Hooray for me! I'm sure I'll probably do nothing but sit around and be happy that I'm not at work. Maybe I'll clean my room. HA!

Gracie needs to go on a diet. Tonight, she broke into Sam's bag and ate all his treats. There's no reason for that! Poor Sam...without parents and without treats. I'm going to have to put Gracie on some kind of diet plan...maybe we'll start walking when it finally cools off for the night. She's getting really chunky in her neck and bootie. She's also been the queen of food stealing lately. She and Sadie ate three chocolate/peanut butter granola bars 2 days ago. Last week, she pulled a container with an eclair in it and ate that. It's like I never feed her. Just when I think she's losing weight, she goes and porks up again. Maybe she needs to start coming to Weight Watchers with me...

Well, hopefully the night is as crazy as it's going to get. I don't know if I can handle much else.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Sleep Deprived.

I have absolutely no idea which way is up right now! :) I worked all day yesterday, and really enjoyed being back on the day shift. The charge nurse gave me the option of working days or nights today, and shockingly, I chose nights. I figured I had already lost money by working yesterday...and If they didn't care...I might as well make all the money I can while it lasts! :) So, I attempted to sleep last night, but I wasn't very good at it. I kept waking up....and most of the time it was due to a brown demon named Gracie. Apparently, she was bored in the middle of the night. At one point, she was chewing on a water bottle. Then she was chewing on Sam's nylabone. I wanted to strangle her chunky little neck! At this exact moment, she's sleeping. Sad for her...I keep poking her. If I didn't get to sleep, neither should she! I'm a mean mom.

I'm really excited to take my afternoon "get ready for night shift" nap today. I'm pretty much falling asleep as I type, but I know if I go to sleep now, I won't get enough rest to sustain myself overnight. Hopefully, I won't have to float to another floor...but it's always a possibility. Now that winter is coming (and the infamous RSV season looming), we float less and less. It's usually pretty crazy. I am really hoping that we don't have retarded resident on call tonight. She's pretty ditzy...and she reminds me of a sorority girl....Not a good thing really...

I just made my very first Super Supper meal...Chicken and white bean chili. It was so fabulous! Another nurse and I went to Super Suppers on Lemmon two weeks ago and made 6 dinners a piece. It was pretty fun and we got a lot of food! I figured it was pretty hard to mess up warming up chili, so that's the one I chose to defrost first. It was a really fun place, and I recommend everyone find one and go! It's very economical...and you get so much food! It's also a time saver for those of us who are retarded in the kitchen! All you have to do is assemble it at the store (where they do all the chopping, cleaning, and arranging) and then take it home to the freezer! Fabulous! It's actually meals that aren't hard to make...but who has all those ingredients on hand at one time....not me, definately.

Well, I'd better do something productive before I go back to sleep...who knows what that will be!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Loving the flip flop

It's been a pretty nice weekend...quiet and relaxing. My brother and sister-in-law were here and we had a rocking good time. Last night we attempted to go to the movies....but I got a nice little call on the way wondering if I could work the day shift this week. Lovely! :) I actually woke up without any problems this morning...bright and early. It's been a pretty good day...except the charge nurse told me just a bit ago that she doesn't think she will need me tomorrow during the day. Apparently, I'm just going to work days today and nights the next two days. It's all good...I have EIGHT days off after this...so nothing really phases me.

I am so tired of my house's electric bill. There is no reason for it to be 290 dollars and not cool. This is frustrating because it throws all the bills off. I have no idea how we are going to pay September rent at this point. I'm praying for a miracle...and some hidden money to surface! :) I already got an answer to prayer this week with a lovely debt consolidation loan that will allow me to pay off my credit cards so I can stop wasting my money on blasted interest! Hooray! :)

Today, my brother and sister in law left for vacation in Colorado. This means that their precious puppy, Samuel Troy, is at home, being babysat by his Aunt Stephanie and Aunt Becca. He's also being mauled by cousins Gracie and Boo. I just talked to Becca and she said that Sam and Grace were sitting on the edge of the couch, waiting for people to come home. That's the saddest thing I've ever heard. Big Babies.

I think I'll go find the charge nurse and ask her what my schedule will be........

Friday, August 19, 2005

Peace and quiet!

It's really amazing how much I enjoy my time away from work. Right now, I am still in pajamas and watching the Food Network....one of my favorite daytime channels. I used to despise it...and some shows I still do...but after I joined Weight Watchers, I guess I just enjoyed to see people eat well, even if I wasn't! :) I have the puppy wonderland on my bed right now. Sadie's under the covers, being anti-social. Sam, my sister in law's dog, is chewing on his nylabone which he just managed to take back from Liberty. Liberty is licking the bed. I just yelled at her too...and she continues. Both she and Sadie do this...maybe it's therapeutic? Okay...the drama continues. Sam just stopped chewing the bone to gnaw an itch on his haunch and Grace stole the bone. It's just madness over here.

Enough about the puppies though...Today is the one year anniversary of my arm and hand surgery. Becca gave my scar a birthday card. It had a weenie dog on it. It's funny to think back and remember that a year ago...I was in the most horrible pain I had ever imagined. I had awakened to Nurse Nasty in the recovery room, who did not feel my pain. She's probably has seen so many surgeries that she's desensatized to pain. Oh well....memory time.

SO WEIRD. Anyways...my 10 year class reunion is supposed to be this year. Someone contacted me about 4 months ago to tell me it was in the works. That's the LAST I've heard of it. I just got an email from the same guy who wants me contact my friends in the class to make sure he has all the information correct! WEIRD! Why would they wait this long? Is it still happening? Bizarre.

Sam is skulking around Liberty, who is still chewing his bone...hoping she will drop it. It's sad.

Today I am being lazy girl...which is nice. I guess I'll have to help with the reunion and get in touch with those people....BLAST IT ALL! :(

Thursday, August 18, 2005

And the madness continues...

Today's been a crazy day. I woke up this afternoon pretty much rested...my second day of sleep usually doesn't go as good as the first. The puppies were so excited to get up...I guess I would be too if I had slept all night then all day for 2 days in a row. Thankfully, I will go home today, sleep for a couple of hours..then be off until Sunday night! :) Smiles all around!

Tonight has been crazy up here on the floor already. I've got 2 of the same kids from the past two nights and a third that's been post op for almost 2 weeks. Needless to say they are not a difficult assignment...just time consuming. I got off to a late start, and that always makes for fun. Then a kid's lab results came back funky and I had to call the MD and the parents and all this nonsense. The funny thing was, the dad of the little boy is a nurse, and he actually called me back about an hour after I called him with the results and read to me out of a textbook what the possible reasons for the weird results were. Isn't that bizarre? Who has this kind of time? The phone call lasted 20 minutes with him reading off these medical descriptions that were obviously meant for doctors. At the end of what I like to call "story time", he said "well, it says here there is really nothing they do for this. So I just wanted to call you and read this to you. " Yikes. Apparently, my voice must have conveyed that I cared. Blast it all! I need to work on that.

Tomorrow, my sister in law is coming to visit. Hooray! I am excited because any time I get to spend with her is fabulous...especially since I have off the next couple of days. This is also sad...because it means that it's time for Michael to leave the house and go back to Austin. It's really been fun having him there. It will be weird to have just Becca and I in the house...instead of the 2 of us and some random member of my family. I'm sure Becca's tired of the Emerson parade. The puppies will be sad, of course. Sadie, the tiny man-hoar, loves to have Michael there...Gracie just follows Sadie and looks for someone to snuggle with. They are both trollups.

Anyways....I guess I'd better get back to work. I need to find something to do for the next 7 hours. I've already given the baby that's parentless a bath...he HATED that. Maybe I'll go watch TV and wait until it's time to give my medicines. Fun night for me! :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Crazy Crazy Crazy!!!

I am so ready for this blasted night to end. It was going so peacefully too...and that's when the crap hit the fan...when you least expect it. I was minding my own business when one of my kids decided to start breathing really fast and spike a temperature. How rude can you get, I tell you. I spent the next hour and a half culturing everything under the sun, sticking, poking, suctioning. EW! I really think that the mom in there hates me right now...but I don't care. If she can't see that I am trying to help her son...then she's stupid. So there. Other than the temporary insanity, I am having a rocking good night...except I ate a bag of Barbeque chips. What is it with the chips lately? I could eat an entire bag every day...the big one...not the tiny one that I ate tonight. I need therapy...that's what it is.

I cannot believe how well I slept today! I didn't even flinch until....the growling began at 4:39pm. Booters decided that she was going to growl under the covers (it's really SO frightening) at something (which I suspected was Becca) and then proceeded to grunt and cry at the door. It was pathetic. Thankfully, I felt very rested and I did not feel the need to strangle her or the mighty ween who had trounced all over me in a rush to get to the door and snort under it. They are a terrifying duo. I've been very surprised how well they've done with all the sleep. I hope they didn't drive Becca crazy...I think Gracie has a sleep threshhold...she can only get so much before she goes nuts.

I only have one more night of work this week...then three days off! Hooray! I don't know why I get so excited...all I do on my days off is lay around and try to catch up on the sleep I've lost while working nights. Here's the irony...I actually get more sleep when I work nights. Today, I slept 8 hours straight...and I am STILL tired! It's garbage! When I work days, I only get 6-7 hours of sleep...and I can make it! Ironic.

Well, things here are about to get moving...I think 5AM is the waking hour....people get crazy...and awake. So, signing off now....


Well, the first blog site I tried was absolute crap! How on earth am I supposed to know which ones are good and which ones aren't? This is nonsense. For those of you who are just dying to see what I wrote on the other site....here's the copy...

Well this should be fun. I have no idea, really, what a blog is...or what I'm doing for that matter. I strongly suspect that no one really cares what I am doing on a day to day basis...and maybe I don't either. I somewhat think that these blogs are under the assumption that people want to know the intimate details of my life...but I'll try it out. Who knows...maybe I'll get addicted... For crying out loud, they post people's blogs on MSN! That's crazy!
Anyways. I've had a rocking day. I woke up bright and early at noon...to a weiner face staring right at me. It was pretty creepy. Poodle was growling under the covers for unknown reasons. Sometimes I think they are both possessed. After I got up, I roamed around the house for awhile....until I heard the answering machine go off. It's really creepy to hear nothing...then voices saying "HI! You've reached...." I went up to The Colony to visit a friend that I hadn't seen in 6 years....it was a good time. I miss my NEW friends from LU. I actually really liked The Colony. It only took me 40 minutes to get to work and it's a really nice area. I might like to live up there. I found this apartment complex that's really beautiful...who knows.
Now I'm at work. It's a rocking good time like always. Let's see...I've already got to smush a bag of ice on a newborn's face to break his heartbeat of 300. That was fun. It's always a laugh to see the parents faces when you're sitting there cramming this ice bag on their precious one's face. It's really sad when you hear the sniffles behind you. Now I'm just bored. IT's 3:59am...and I have nothing to do. Maybe I should go find something to do. Or I can just stay blabbing on this.
My mother made me SO SO angry today. Her and my dad got a little mini dachshund puppy a week and a half ago. His name was Austin Ryan. He was sick last week, and actually in the vet's office most of the week on IV fluid. He had gotten a lot better so they were able to take him home on Saturday. Well, apparently he wasn't doing any better so they put him to sleep today. This makes me angry on several accounts. First of all, he was eating more and more. Second, his protein level went up, not down. Third, I really don't think they gave him enough time to really improve. A puppy that small can't just heal in a day or two. The final kicker was that no one was there to hold him when he was put to sleep. This infuriates me. He should have left this world knowing he had a family that loved him, not just a vet tech and doctor. This probably sounds irrational to some, but my family really loves our pets.
Anyways. That's the story of my day. Maybe I'll decide to do this blogging thing again...who knows.