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Monday, October 31, 2005

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Halloween fun

Hello from the land of fun. Things here on Village Trail are going quite well. I did go to the chiropractor and doctor on Friday and all is well. The chiropractor put one hand on my back and said "oh, your muscles are very angry". I think I said something to the effect of "DUH". He said that four days in Washington DC with a backpack part of the time made it not happy. I wholeheartedly agree. I went straight from the chiropractor to the doctor who said my asthma wasn't happy and gave me a prednisone taper for me to fill as I need it. Have you ever seen me on steroids? For those of you who don't know, at least once a year, my lungs get so tight that they don't move any air. This is not a good situation. I've tried the tamer options, like a Medrol pack, but this doesn't help. I have to get put on the big gun steroids. Anyways...I get crazy. I eat all the time, get very bizarre mood swings, and sweat like a pig. It's not fun, especially since this goes on for at least 15 days. I am nutty. I really use it as a last resort. I haven't filled the script yet, mostly because I don't think it's that bad yet. I'm one of those asthmatics that can turn on a dime...be fine one day and dying the next. I'm trying to wait it out. My back's much better also. I was able to go to work on Saturday without difficulty. Hooray! :)

I love trick-or-treaters. They are so fun! I really like the little kids, but the teenagers who just throw on their pajamas and think they are in costume really make me laugh. I don't really care. I just really want to get rid of the candy that's sitting in the hallway. It's calling my name. BAD STEPHANIE!!! SHAME!

Anyways, the puppies are dressed up for Halloween. Last year, we put bandages on them and called them mummies. This year, they are both in costume. Sadie's a man-eating shark and Liberty is wearing a Devil shirt. I'll post pictures of them. They hate their costumes. Liberty is running around trying to take her shirt off by rubbing up against the couch. Sadie has just given up hope and is laying at Becca's side dejectedly.

Well, daylight savings time has really thrown me off. I have not been able to catch up for the past two days. I'm hoping that the nap I took this afternoon will let me figure it out. It's 8pm and it feels like 10. CrAZY!

Well, must be off.....

Friday, October 28, 2005

Backs are big.

I've always heard people say that back problems are the absolute worst to have. I never really paid them much attention because I figured, well, you can get through anything. For crying out loud, for 4 days a month I want to perform my own abdominal surgery...back problems can't be worse than that. Oh I am so wrong. I have absolutely no idea what I did to my back, but I'm miserable. I woke up Tuesday morning in DC with a tense back. It kept getting more and more tense throughout the day and on Wednesday. When I got up for work yesterday, I thought it felt worse, but thought it might work out later in the day. Again, I was so wrong. About noon, I started having back spasms, almost crippling in nature. Thankfully, they did subside in intensity, but I'm left with a back that is very very angry. I called in sick for work today yesterday around 3 and made appointments at the doctor and chiropractor, hopefully to figure out what is going on. I have absolutely no idea what they can do for a sore back, but I'm hoping it is something. I'm actually most comfortable when sitting, standing, or oddly enough, laying on my stomach propped up on my elbows (which is how I am now!). Please keep me in your prayers...I can not afford to miss work, but I can not afford a long term injury even more.

On a lighter note, I think Gracie senses that something is wrong. She won't leave my side. I have a hard time getting her to go outside without me today. Sadie's pretty snuggly too..which is odd. She's usually very willing to lay in my bed, but she doesn't touch. She's anti-skin when in bed...but not this morning. She's been very cute today. Gracie's always willing to snuggle...big lug.

Well, I'd better go get ready for my appointments this afternon. Fun for me! :(

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I'm cute this morning. Posted by Picasa

There and back again.

I love traveling. I'm always happy to come home, but I always love being in new (or old and familiar) places. Washington DC is my favorite city. It's so cheap! Okay, so maybe it's not the cheapest to stay there or fly there, but to get around on the metro....it's so cheap! Most of the museums are free...again, another cheap! :) We walked so much that today, my body is all tense because I'm not walking! Craziness. I think I might try to get a massage today to relieve the tightness. We went everywhere! It just seemed that we didn't stop moving very much. The weather was good for 2 of the days...the first day it was drizzly and cold so we went to some museums. The next day it was absolutely gorgeous...we went to the zoo and saw the pandas! :) So cute. We also did some museums and all the monuments. There was definately a lot of walking involved. Monday, we met up with Kim and Evan and did a Capitol tour with a TX senator's office, as well as the Supreme Court and some more museums. Tuesday, our last day, was cold and wet with the highs of about 48ish. It was nasty. We did the Washington Monument, which I had never been up in, and the White House and stuff. We were going to go to Arlington Cemetary...but it was WAY too cold and we were not prepared. We had little windbreakers and no gloves or hats. That would have made things a lot better. We ended up going to the fabulous mall that's right at a metro station to warm up. We didn't get home until about 10:30 last night...so tired! Puppies were so excited to see us...I think Liberty is not going to leave my side today. She's a big baby.

I go back to work tomorrow...for three days in a row. BLECH! I really don't like those, but it was necessary so I didn't have to take any time off. I haven't been there for a week, so it will be interesting to see what's going on. I hope it's not my turn to float. I really hate that. We should be getting into RSV season...so we shouldn't have to float much over the holidays.

Anyways...must get going. I have so much to do before I go back to work. YUKKY!

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Blasted flu shot.

I wholeheartedly believe in the flu shot. I do not get the flu when I get the shot. The one year I got the flu, I didn't get the shot. Vaccines are good all around...but I do not want the flu. That aside, I really hate the way it makes me feel. Now, it's not even a live virus they are giving me...but I still feel like crap. When my charge nurse came to me yesterday and said they were giving all the nurses the flu shot that day, I was not happy. I tried to postpone it because it always makes me sick. I guess sick is not the correct term...more like irritable and nasty. My arm hurts so somehow that tells my body that everyone must know that it hurts and that I feel BLECH! I got this wonderous dose of life saving fluid at 8AM yesterday...and it still hurts...annoying thing.

Yesterday, I had a pretty busy day. It was just steady. I took care of a little girl that I took care of a month ago named Kayla. I love her parents, they are so sweet. Anyways, she's off to surgery today, so I won't get to see her until I come back from DC...but she's still awful cute. She's putting on weight (yeah!) and is getting chunky thighs. Today, all my kids are either scheduled to go home or go to surgery. I sent the first one out by 8:30am. Then, the other discharged kid is the one with the crazy grandparents who have been here for 12 weeks. They got to go home at noon. Let me tell you, I was so organized...I just threw them out the door and celebrated...and am still celebrating. One more exciting thing today, I got to see my precious baby Marcos! He was back for a follow up appointment, and he looks SO Good! He's getting big and it's always nice to see him. His mom is an angel! I know she loves having him home.

Tomorrow, Jen and Michael and I are going to the fair. I hope they do not want to go too early...I'd like to have resting time tomorrow. Besides, I haven't packed a blasted thing yet. Maybe I should get on that. I have a feeling that my night is going to consist of laying around, sleeping, and eating...and maybe some packing. I have no idea what the weather will turn out to be, but there is talk of rain. Fabulous. I have no rain jacket. That will be just lovely. I'm getting ready to get tickets to the Washington Monument and Holocaust Museum...things I keep forgetting to do for like 4 weeks now. I'm retarded.

Anyways, I should probably get back to work and see if anyone needs anything....that would make me a good nurse! :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Another day in the heat.

I really wish it would cool down...now. I'm so tired of 90 degree weather, especially since it's the end of October! This is nutty! I hate having my air conditioner going...I swear every time it comes on it creaks the word "money". I long for the day when I can keep the screen door open all day long...and not feel like I'm dying in the afternoon!

Liberty and Sadie have been barky all day. Apparently something has disturbed them...every 30 minutes. They run to the front door, barking as if there is a stranger breaking into the house. Of course, there's no one ever there, especially since we don't have neighbors anymore. Now Liberty is crashed on the bed, tucked into a tiny little ball...maybe she's tired from all the barking!

I get to be in a parade! Hooray! The Adolphus Hotel in downtown Dallas and Neiman Marcus host the "Neiman Marcus Adolphus Children's Parade" each year. (Real original name, huh?) Anyways, it goes through downtown every 1st Saturday in December. All the proceeds go to my hospital. We had a thing go up on the intranet at work about volunteering. I volunteered for a couple of things and was chosen to be either a costume character or a character escort. Both are fun! I had to send in my height and weight today to see if it matches a costume...if not, I'll be an escort, which is also fine. Apparently out of all the people they chose, only 2 people had not been characters or escorts before. FANCY! SO, if anyone is interested in seeing a cool parade that's free, it's December 3 and you can get info on www.childrensparade.com.

I also weighed in today. I lost another 1.8 lbs! That makes the grand total 58.6. That's just craziness. I have 0.2lbs to lose to reach my next personal goal...and that's always nice! I still think it's absolutely amazing how the weight keeps coming off! I guess I just never thought that I could actually do it! I'm gathering another pile of clothes on my floor that don't fit anymore, which is good...but sad too. I really REALLY like some of these clothes, but there's no point keeping them around if they don't fit. I have to give away 3 pairs of jeans! Jeans are so hard to find..or were hard to find. It's nutty. I'm sad that I don't know anyone who can use these clothes..I'll just wait until the leukemia society needs donations again.

It's back to work tomorrow. It should be interesting, especially since we have nursing students there on Wednesdays....they are always fun. :) ANyways..behave yourself in whatever you do today...I know I won't!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Day of fun!

I'm currently sitting in the papizan chair in my room, watching Liberty be the nastiest I've seen her in a long time. She's chewing this flap of rawhide, opening her mouth wide and chewing so noisy it can be heard in the kitchen. She's so gross. I tried to take the rawhide away and she ran away. She didn't bark at me or growl at me...Emmitt used to!

I got the wild idea to go buy new clothes for my upcoming DC trip this weekend. I went to the Old Navy in Frisco, bypassing the Ikea (laa!!!! That's the Ikea noise....ask me to make it for you sometime!).

**** EW EW EW. Must tell what Grace is doing now. She's halfway swallowing the piece she is chewing on, then coughing it back up to chew on it some more. That is so gross ****

Back to my story. I found a bunch of clothes on clearance. It was a happy time, especially since I went down a pants size. Hooray! :)

****Grace has now swallowed the rawhide whole. She is nasty. ************

Anyways...I work Wednesday and Thursday...then back to the fair in the afternoon on Friday, then to DC on Saturday morning. EARLY saturday morning. I think our flight leaves at 6AM or so. We'll be up bright and early, visiting the staff at The Parking Spot so they will take us to the airport! :) Hooray for us! :)
Well, It's taken me a really long time to finish this...mostly because I've been watching Liberty be gross. Have fun today!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Work is SO WAY fun.

So, I'm working now. Today, I was supposed to be transport nurse for the floor. When I got here, I found out that I had been put into staffing, which is fine. I was not happy that I had received a patient back that I really didn't want...he's been here for a really long time and his grandparents are very strange with the nurses...mean and yelling. Apparently last night, he was pretty mean and nasty to the nurses and actually threw one out of the room. So, they didn't have any problems with me...so I got him again today. They don't give me any crap...so it's been an okay day.

Last night I went to see Cat and her baby, little Kate. It was so fun...that baby is so cute. I get so used to seeing babies that are blue...and this one wasn't!

I have the next two days off...I'm sure I'll be relaxing, probably cleaning up crap...or not.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Busy doing not much of anything!

That pretty much describes my day. I was busy all day...but I really never seemed to accomplish anything. Strange...

I got up early, as always, and started to poke around the house. Of course, Liberty decided that she needed to be fed RIGHT THEN (much like children, I'm sure). Apparently, I starve her. I then went to donate platelets. I stopped on the way to get a milk shake. When they take your platelets (which help your blood clot), they put a clotting agent back into your blood so that your blood knows it's supposed to keep clotting until the body can replenish the platelets. This clotting agent ends up stripping your body of calcium. Without calcium, you start getting numb lips and teeth, and it can lead to lock jaw and leg cramps. I've had problems with this the last two times I donated platelets, so the man at the blood bank suggested a milk shake before I come. Otherwise, I spend the entire 2 hours eating Tums. ICK. When I got to the drive through at Steak and Shake, the guy says "Isn't it a little too early for a milk shake?" THE NERVE! None of his business.

I spent the afternoon making sure my hair wasn't crazy for the pictures tonight. I somewhat succeeded. We went to get pictures done this evening. It was the most hilarious time I've had in awhile. The girls were both so cute...even though they hated being posed in all different ways. Liberty was actually really good for most of it. I'll post some of the pics when they come back. The absolute best picture was the very last one we took. Here's the scene...white blanket, white background, and one of those sheer netty canopies that goes from a circle at the top to all flowy at the bottom. We set the girls on that and brought out the treats. If you've ever seen Gracie, you'll know that she "sits pretty" to get treats...which is really code for sitting up on her haunches with her paws out front. It's adorable. Sadie started imitating Liberty a couple months after Gracie got it down really good. Anyways, Becca and I both got treats in our hand and coaxed them to sit up. The photographer got both of the girls sitting up at the same time, facing opposite directions. It was so cute. Afterwards, when we were picking out the pictures, the photographer had me sign a release form so they could show the picture in the store and in their "magazine", whatever that means. I think it's funny that our girls will be the highlight of some display.

My friend Cat had her baby today...Katelyn Aubrey Morgan was born at 8:57AM, weighing in at 7lb, 2oz. She and mom are doing fine.

Must be off now, I've got to work the next two days. Hopefully, it will be a good couple of days!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Lots of cleaning! EW!

I hate to clean. This is obvious when you look at my house. Last night, at precisely 11pm, my next door neighbor knocked on my door and wanted to know if she paid me, if I would come and help her clean house today. I, of course, was nice, and said yes. I was up ready to help by 10am. We cleaned until 4pm. Her house was an absolute disaster. I can imagine, if I had five children, that my house would be messy. Her house was beyond messy. There was crap caked on every surface in the house. I wouldn't even have eaten standing up in that house. I can't imagine living in that filth. Thankfully, the lady had a cleaning service coming later on in the day, to deal with the nastiness. I still can't imagine how much that bill would have been if they had gotten there before me. The kitchen was so disgusting...there was soy sauce dried up all over the fridge. NASTY! I know that after I get all the boxes out of my house/apartment when I move, there is stuff all over the floor....multiply that by 50. EW EW EW!

Today, Becca and I did water aerobics again. The lady who taught this class was a lot harder than the lady who taught our previous class. There were many inappropriate leg kicks...things our mothers never would have approved of. The excitement (or repulsement) of the evening was not complete until sauna time. Well, the naked lady was back (or at least another naked lady) laying around without any clothes on. That was not okay, but at least I had become accustomed to the nakedness. Then the drama began. She started doing stretching exercises, bringing her legs up to her chest, pointing her legs parallel to the sky....even this, which was not acceptable, was better than what was upcoming. She then began to touch herself in inappropriate places. EW EW EW! That's the worst thing I have ever seen. There's just a glass wall between the steam room and the hot tub....I wish it would have been a concrete wall. How nasty is that?

Tomorrow, we're getting our Christmas pictures taken. It should be interesting, considering that neither of us have clothes that fit. Maybe it will be like "Christmas with the bag ladies!" Scandal. Hopefully the girls will behave themselves. Becca's pictures with her and Sadie turned out great...but some of the pictures, Sadie looked downright evil. Poor banshee.

I think I am going to be so sore tomorrow. Scrubbing cabinets and sweeping crap off floors for 6 hours will really take it out of you.

Prayer request! The nurse who trained me, her name is Cat. Tomorrow at 8AM, Cat is having a c-section. She's been on bedrest since the beginning of August and I know she is ready to have this baby. It's a little girl named Katelyn Aubrey (Kate!). I know she wasn't looking forward to surgery, but was excited to have the pregnancy over! She and her husband Brad have been waiting a long time! Keep her in your prayers, she's a fantastic nurse and a great friend. I couldn't have asked for a better trainer.

Well, Liberty is starting to smother me in the chair and it's getting really hot. I wish this weather would make up its mind. I'm excited to go to DC next week, where it will hopefully be coldish.

My parents named their puppy....it's Jack Ryan Emerson. He's so cute. Yesterday, he chewed through the baby gate and my mom found him at the end of her bed. He likes to follow her around. Today, my mom took him out on his leash for the first time. He hated it. She said he was bucking like a bronco. I guess I just forget how funny they are in the beginning. Gracie was always leashed in the beginning since she grew up in the apartment. Even now, she still pulls against it. She needs a harness.

Anyways. Must be off now. The memories of the terror at the gym are haunting me....must go forget the madness!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

So LOUD today!

My neighbors are moving. It's been a very loud day here on the ranch. They've been moving things out of their house all day long, dragging boxes and furniture down the sidewalk. I have been sitting in my room watching the drama unfold. At one point, they had things strewn all over both yards, waiting for it to be packed in the absolutely giant moving truck. It was an 18 wheeler, but they only packed up half the truck. The other half was filled with someone else's junk. Craziness. I can't imagine moving half way across the country, separated from my crap...although I know it's a possibility someday.

An amazing thing has taken place in the last two days. I have actually cooked...somewhat. Now, it's not rocket science cooking, and most of the time, there are serious consequences to my cooking. Last night, I cooked one of those dinners from Super Suppers. It was really pretty good. I don't think I did anything wrong cooking it, although the sauce was mysteriously gone. I think it evaporated away....weird. Today, I made Turkey Tenderloin and Garlic and Dill mashed potatoes. (why did I need to capitalize those words? Weird again!!) The turkey turned out fine, without any difficulty. The problem came when I attempted to place raw potatoes in boiling water. Apparently, the water wanted to splash all over me and burn my arms. Then, after they were cooked, I attempted to mash them with a tiny mixer. I didn't know you had to add liquid to them...and they proceeded to flip out everywhere. I finally got it figured out, but not without burns and dirty clothes. I am so retarded. I need serious assistance in the cooking world. Everyone else in my family can cook....I don't think I picked up that gene. Oh well. Such is life. I'll just find a man who can cook...or continue eating frozen dinners all my life.

Tonight, while we were eating, Liberty jumped up onto my chair and actually put her teeth into my mashed potatoes. She's a bold little bugger. She's getting more and more bold as the days go by.

I weighed in today...and lost a grand total of 0.2lbs. Hey, still a loss right? It doesn't really matter, as long as I lose. I did have a reunion this weekend where there was a lot of really yummy food and no care for points. Such is life.

I am currently watching Hitch. I absolutely love this movie. It's so stinking hilarious.

Anyways...must be off now.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A day of nothingness.

So, yesterday, I spent my day at work as the transport nurse. Since all our kids are on heart monitors, a licensed person has to be watching the monitors at all times. If our kids have to have procedures off the floor, we have to go take them and stay with them the entire time. If they have long procedures, we have to almost abandon our patients upstairs so we could stay with this one child. My job as the transport nurse was to take all these kids places so that their nurses didn't have to go. I didn't have a patient assignment...just to help out. I ended up taking kids to procedures all day long, as well as helping admit three kids and discharge two. I was busy all day, but I wasn't going crazy! I really enjoyed it. It was a nice change from the nutty.

Today, I laid around and did housework. Rah rah rah. I did laundry, cleaned my room, and watched Gracie lounge around like a crazy pup. Speaking of crazy dog, this morning, I'm guessing it was around 4am, I was awakened by rummaging. Liberty was in my arm crevice, rolling around on her back, eating her ears. This was not an acceptable action. I didn't do anything, just tried to ignore her and her weirdness. She finally stopped.

Becca and I went to water aerobics tonight. This is always fun. Of course, it was so cold, but not too bad after we warmed up. It's an hour long class and afterwards, we get to go to the hot tub. Hooray for the hot tub! Our happiness was dashed though by a NAKED woman laying in the steam room. Ew ew and EW. I'm not just talking about upper nakedness...I mean EVERYWHERE naked. That's nasty. That's the kind of business you do in your bathroom or bedroom...at least your own house. Not the gym.

I don't work again until Saturday. I'm very excited about this. I haven't had a nice stretch off in a couple of weeks. Hopefully, I'll have something better to do than sit on my bootie. I have to work the weekend again, but I've managed to entirely miss an interlude with the mean attending doctor. Hooray for me doing my job well! :)

Anyways...hope everything is going well with all who read this really jumbled look into my life.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

I am SO BEHIND! :)

Okay, so, I haven't blogged in like....5 days. That's some genuine craziness. It's not like I don't have a reason...there was always something to do. Work, sleeping, eating, more work...flying to Houston...and there the story begins! :)

Last Wednesday and Thursday I worked...all day long! :) I can not complain. I've been through almost 2 weeks with this attending physician and have managed to so far, stay on her good side. My patients have all been fine...and even though I was sent to another floor one of those days, I still managed to have a good work week. Each day that I work, I come away feeling more confident, and less like I have to call the floor and tell the oncoming nurse something that I forgot to tell them!

Thursday night, I hopped on a plane at Love Field, which is literally 5 minutes from work, and went to Houston for my 10 year high school reunion. Oh my heavens. Has it really been that long? I actually sat and thought about this...I was in school for almost 7 of those years. No wonder I haven't married and had a brood yet ! (SURE, that's the reason! :) ) I guess I just didn't sit down and actually think about it until I was presented with a reason to. About half my class was present for this reunion bash, and it was really nice to see them. I haven't seen any of them since I graduated, and maybe have only talked or emailed a couple of them. That's really bad. :( It's really quite interesting to see them with all their children. Most of them have at least 2 kids, with one having as many as 5. I have a dog. Just a dog. No husband, no brood...but a dog. It's all good...no worries. Sometimes, I am glad that's all I have to worry about. We all went to our high school's football game on Friday night. I actually saw my high school crush and he gave me a big hug! I was laughing inside...I really had wished that my best friend Sarah from high school had been there so I could have gone to her to tell her! No one else who was there really would have appreciated it. Saturday, we had a brunch at this old restored house in downtown Houston. It was really nice to sit and just be with my friends of the past and laugh about stuff we did. I only was with them for the last two years of high school, but thankfully, most of the stories that were told were ones I was there for!

Saturday was also an exciting day for my parents! They got a new puppy! He's black with a tan beard, eyebrows, and paws. He is SO cute! We got him from a breeder that had 4 litters of doxies...and I really wanted to take one of those puppies for myself! There was a little fiesty black and tan girl that Gracie would have loved! :) She was wiggling around and barking in the cage. The new puppy doesn't have a name yet, but my mom and I are really pushing for Jack. Isn't that cute? I think it's precious.

Now I am at work, having a rockingly fun time. I have 3 patients, all of which are supposed to go home. I have no idea what will happen after they all escape. Crazy assignment, right? You'd think that they would have figured this out last night...but obviously not. ANYWAYS.

Well, I should probably go back to work now...I'll update later if anything exciting happens! :)

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Busy days

Well, the last couple of days has been busy...but mostly busy doing not important stuff. Yesterday, I went to the fair (yes, again) with Becca and her mom. The fair is a rocking good time! :) Today, I ran errands (including a fabulous one!) and went to water aerobics...finally! I think it's funny that I have been a member of that new gym for a month and the only reason I picked it was because of the water aerobics...and I just went for the first time today! It was a really good instructor, and I definately would like to go back.

Here's the exciting news. I have a 10 year class reunion this weekend (not so exciting...just keep reading!). I went to Lane Bryant to find a new shirt to wear...one that actually fit. All my shirts are either huge or just not appropriate for a midday shindig. I dug around in the store for about 15 minutes, gathering up several choices. I finally found enough to try on and the excitement started building. They all fit...and that never happens. I didn't like the way some of them fit (too loose!), but I found this snazzy blue one that I really liked. The only problem was that it was really still too big. There was almost 2 inches of material on either side of the torso. It's meant to be a fitted shirt...not tight, but fitted. I don't do tight. :) I ended up getting a smaller size, just to see if it worked...and it did! It's the smallest size that Lane Bryant offers! :) :) :) I was so excited! I'm still working on getting the small pants size, but I'm definately getting there. So, even though I weigh more than I did when I graduated high school, I weigh a lot less than I did 8 months ago! :) 56.8 lbs less! :) TA DA!

Well, one of my little patients that's been in the hospital for 3 months got to go home yesterday. How exciting for him and his family! His mom is a teacher, and we always had a good time when I took care of Jacob. My other little friend, Kendall, is finally on the floor...and going home soon. I called the floor tonight to ask if I could have her tomorrow when I work. There's a lot of nurses...and not that many patients...which means someone could get floated. ICK! :) Hopefully, I will not have to go anywhere. I'd really like to stay and be with that family.

Anyways....I'd better get ready for bed. I'd like to be actually awake tomorrow at work...that'd be nice! :)

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Happy Days!

I have had a couple of really good days. Yesterday, I was downright bored at work. I didn't really have much going on, and all my kids were behaving themselves, even though there were 4 of them. I had a good time with my co-workers...just goofing off and giving our patients the attention they haven't got the rest of the week because we've been so busy. Last night, I decided that 4 days with 4 patients was enough. I decided to request three of the four back. Sadly, one of the kids I had yesterday was not doing well this morning when I got here. I ended up having her in the ICU by 9AM and a ventilator was doing her breathing for her 30 minutes later. She's a sick puppy. Other than that little wee bit of excitement, it's been a fabulous day. I'm actually one of the 2 senior nurses here today...with all the others being new grads on their first days off orientation. I've helped out with a lot today, which has been really nice.

I don't think I've blogged since the fair. Oh, the fair, the FAIR! I love the fair! Connie and I had a really good time. Seriously, if you have the time, you should really go. The pig races are enough to keep you laughing for the entire night. I also love the exhibit halls, which are like one giant infomercial. Connie and I actually bought something to clean our bathrooms with. We'll see if it works. Who knows. It was fun anyways. I did have a corn dog and shared some fried pickles with Connie. Tons of fun! :) and yummy....

Tonight, Becca and I are going to the movies to see the new Reese Witherspoon flick. I seriously love all her movies. I hope it's going to be good.

Anyways....hope all is well with all of you....