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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My thoughts.

No, I'm not an employee of a transplant program anymore, but this does not mean I'm not still affected by what goes on. In my three years of employment in that position, plus the two on the heart floor, I came to call many transplant families part of my family. Or to be more specific, they made me part of theirs. I got to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries...of actual birth or the "heart birth".

Transplant is an ever changing science. A new and fabulous medicine is always in the works, but it never changes the fact that you are placing a foreign object in a body that doesn't want it. God created the human body perfectly. It rejects intruders. Even though that beautiful new heart is the gift of life, it is an intruder and the body wants nothing more than to get rid of it.

Transplant families are the strongest I know. They try to make a normal life for their loved one while they face the constant fear that something BAD may happen. They bond together as no one else can...as a clan who has seen their family member sicker than sick and made better by a gift from another person. Of course, this bond also leads them to experience the horror of transplant. The transplant gone wrong. Rejection. Infection. TCAD. Death. But in all of these horrible things and times, they still remain strong. Yes, they may crumble, but in the end, they hold fast because they believe in miracles.

I believe in miracles. I've seen them. I've also seen a "miracle" crumble before my eyes. That does not sway me from my belief that God is always in charge. ALWAYS. It's hard to see God in the crap that this life presents us with, but He's always there.

God will never give us more than we can handle. Ever. He says that, but do we believe it? I believe it. I've experienced it. The last year of my life has proven it.

I am so blessed to have people in my life who love me. I am also blessed to have people who have been through the worst and have seen the beauty that God has provided. Wow. That's a lot of blessings!

I can never thank God enough for the things He has brought to me. Who is that family? It's not just the biological one. It's the man He blessed me with. It's the family that God gave me. It's the transplant families who consider me part of theirs. It's the friends I have known forever who consider me the "aunt" of their kiddos. I am blessed.

That's it. The end.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Hello again! :)

Yep. I'm a Mrs. It has hit me a few times in the last few weeks. It hit me when I was introduced as "This is my wife, Stephanie". It hit me when I got to check "married" on my tax info. It REALLY hit me when I got my new Social Security card with the name STEPHANIE LYNNE RUSSELL! Crazy!

Our wedding was such a beautiful day. I got to say everything I always wanted to the man of my dreams. I got to continue family traditions by kneeling in prayer on the bench that my sister, my mother, and my grandmother kneeled with their husbands on. I was blessed to share the night with my husband and our closest friends. In the end, I look back and know that God has a hand in my life. If I still worked at CMC, I wouldn't have been able to invite some of the patient families that have truly amazed and blessed me. I had all of the people who have seen me from infancy to adulthood all in one room. Jason and I were so thankful to have these people here to celebrate our union.

We had an AMAZING time in Maui. I did not want to come home. I didn't even miss my dog (who would be very upset if she knew this, so don't tell her!). I got to spend 7 days with my fabulous husband swimming, golfing, snorkeling, driving, flying, eating, and just having an amazing time! My aunt let us use her beach front condo and it was so awesome! We rented a convertible mustang and ran around the island feeling fabulous and knowing that we knew NO ONE! :) I am a total foodie (and so is Jason!) and we really had the best time exploring all the fresh seafood that Maui has to offer. Seriously, it was so amazing that I didn't want to come back to lunchmeat and boring food. '

I was so lucky to spend my BIRTHDAY in Maui with my new husband! The night before, he and I went out on the town and had so much fun experiencing all the little cute "dives" in Kihei (the area of Maui where we stayed!). We got fabulous service because we told them it was our honeymoon AND my birthday. What else could a girl ask for? My sweet husband surprised me with a very adorable stuffed dachshund (complete with Hawaiian lei!) and a card. I love that he did that. It absolutely takes the cake as my most favorite birthday.

So now. We're home. We're married. Settling in to married life! Jason is working a different route than normal, but it's seeming to pay off for us! I'm working full time right down the street and they seem to love me! They keep saying I'm above and beyond what they normally get. I don't think this is my forever job, but it's great for the interim while I'm working to get back into the hospital.

We had the boys over this weekend. We had an amazing time! There was golf. There was a cooking lesson. There was church. There was family bonding. Jason and I want SO much to live up by these two precious boys. Please pray for this. They need some stability and a family that says "You matter".

Jason is off making money for our little family. Liberty is mourning the lack of the boys and wishing they were around so they could spoil her ROTTEN. I am wishing our family was together, but praying that one day soon, it will happen. I would hope that you would pray for that too!