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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Today in the life

Today has been an interesting day. I found out from a job that I thought I had an "in" that I don't. I took Liberty to the dog park and she acted like a fool. I watched Chopped with my aunt. It was all in all a good day. It had moments of disappointment, but I am so loved by my family and friends that I feel eternally blessed.

I haven't worked for two weeks because my patient is in the hospital and some other issues. I am praying daily for a position in a hospital where I can bless my patients with my skill and caring. I'd love if you prayed that too!

I'm getting married in six weeks. 45 days from today. It seems like it is all snowing in on me and I MUST remember that Jason and I will be pledging to each other in six weeks and then that makes it better! :)

Tomorrow, my mother is coming to town and we have such an agenda! We are meeting with the Tribute at 1 and then going to pick up my dress at 4! Thursday, I have no idea, but I am hoping that we can meet up with Jason, Jacob, and Andrew for dinner....and maybe buying school backpacks! Friday...the BIG day. Bridal portraits! I LOVE my sweet hair dresser CARINA (at Salon Pompeo at Mockingbird) and she will be doing my hair at 9AM and then we are headed to have pictures taken. I have no idea how fabulous I will be, but I hope that my pictures will be beautiful for my husband to see!

I would covet your prayers for the following week. I am still waiting on interviews from last week that will hopefully end in a job opportunity for me! I appreciate your prayers and good wishes for the coming week!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

A new favorite!

I found this song this morning whilst driving around DFW on my bridal fitting errands. It's amazing to me...

"We will rise and we will fall" God lets us go through these trials and moments of perfection.

"The glory is YOURS alone" God knows what is to happen in my life. I can only be blessed because He has chosen me.


Aaron Shust - To God Alone (2009 Video & Lyrics)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

And the days speed on by...

Seven weeks and counting. Fifty one days. Is time really going by this quickly? It almost seems unreal! Things are starting to come together at lightening speed. Our invitations went out Monday. RSVP's are starting to come in. I've got my bridal portraits next week. Engagement pictures will be following soon. We have a meeting to finalize all the Tribute details next week. Tux fittings have started. Final payments are due in about a month. WOWSERS.

I'm desperately trying to not get bogged down in all the details because when it comes right down to it, the details are unimportant. What IS important are the vows that Jason and I will stand up and say in front of God, our families, and our friends. It is important to start our lives together with the proper foundation. Whether or not the flowers get there on time or centerpieces are perfect is all fluff!

Last week, our little family had quite the fun time! Andrew had a golf tournament (he got 6th place! YAY!). Jacob and I scared off squirrels and other wild life whilst careening around the course. Tuesday, we all went to Six Flags! I seriously haven't been there since Becca and I had season passes one summer. That summer, I went so many times that I got TOTALLY Six Flags'd OUT and haven't been back! We had a great time, even though it was 102 degrees in the shade! I think we probably all lost a few pounds with all the sweat! I got my roller coaster fix and was completely amazed how much easier it is to go to an amusement park at my size! I didn't get asked to get off ANY ride and no one came and attacked me with their little size brick thing (if you've been big and ridden on Titan, you know exactly what I'm talking about!).

This weekend, I was blessed to go to Houston and take part in my first bridal shower! The ladies of my parents church (most of whom have known me since I was about 2!) hosted a shower for me on Sunday afternoon! It was quite the experience to be at a shower for ME! I've been to SO many and hosted SO many and it was odd to have the shoe be on the other foot. Jason and I got many beautiful things and I'm excited to have them in wherever we end up! I've extended the lease here in Euless for 3 additional months so we don't have to move AND get married within a few weeks. It will put us with a lease expiring in the middle of November so if you know anyone in North Tarrant county with a nice and inexpensive house to rent, we'd love to take them up on that after November 11!

This week I think I'm going to start school supply shopping for Jacob and Andrew. Jason and I printed off their lists tonight and I got giddy with the thought of crayons and number 2 pencils. We did find it funny that the kids are now having to provide things for the teachers besides the typical construction paper and kleenex. Andrew's list asked him to bring post it notes! I KNOW they aren't using them in his classroom, but I'm certain his teacher is! Scandalous!

Thanks for all the prayers for my job situation. I'm still at an impass at what to do. I've been to several interviews and am praying long and hard that God will lead me to exactly what he wants me to do. It's a hard lesson to learn.

Please keep my new little family in your prayers as the wedding gets closer. Jason and I are doing pre-marital counseling and I know that is going to be SO good to do! We covet your prayers!

Friday, July 09, 2010

My new normal

I love this new normal that I am engulfed in. It's a normal life when I'm sitting with Jacob and Andrew watching a marathon of Super Mario Brothers and Sponge Bob. Jason is working, but we're still hanging out. It's like a big sleep over. It's a new normal when Jacob says to me that he's "stoked" because my family loves to hear how he and Andrew are doing.

Jason and I are getting married two months from tomorrow. What an amazing thought! I'm ready to get rid of all the planning and just start the living as a wife and a mom! Having these two sweet boys with me this weekend makes me excited for that thought. It's a very real possibility that we may have one or both of these sweet kiddos living with us this fall. This thought really excites me!

I've got some work changes brewing in the near future, and I'd covet your prayers. I really want to get back into the hospital setting. I love my sweet home health patients, but I've always loved the hustle and bustle of the hospital.

Today, I had a conversation with Jacob and Andrew about quality of life. Jacob (14 yrs old!) asked me why I left CMC. I said it was because I didn't have quality of life. I asked him if he remembered me always on the phone and tied to the pager. He said "yeah, you always had to stop what you were doing and talk to the hospital people". I said that as much as I loved my patients, I loved my family more and that to me, quality of life was spending time with them and their dad uninterrupted. It was a very eye opening conversation for me and made me realize how my job changes have benefitted my family.

Well, I've got to get back to Sponge Bob. And an 8 year old who is hanging off the arm of the couch. Hilarious.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Seriously people, where does the time go? I really think that I just blinked and it was June. Now it's July! How did that happen? I guess having a few non-stop weeks of action helped it fly by!

A few weeks ago, I had the privledge to be the maid of honor in Becca's wedding. It was a delightfully fun wedding weekend...and there may or may not be pictures of me jumping on a sleep number bed. I'm just saying. I had a great time being there to help her start her new life with her wonderful husband. After her wedding, Jason and I zipped to downtown Dallas to attend the wedding of another dear friend, Jami. It was a beautiful wedding, complete with many of my Children's friends!

Jacob and Andrew have been over here quite a bit this summer. We've had a wonderful time! Andrew has had golf tournaments, Jacob's had a birthday, and it's been amazing bonding with these two and learning to be a family. For Jacob's birthday, we drove down to the Galaxy Drive In Theater in Palmer for miniature golf and Toy Story 3 fun! Yep, Pixar has once again managed to make me cry through a cartoon, but I'm okay with that. At that point, Andrew turned to me in the back of the car (he and I were laying down on top of the folded down seats) to make sure I was okay as I sniffled quietly. Hilarious.

If it's July, then there's just about 2 months until Jason and I say I do! Wow! There's still some things that need to be worked on...engagement pictures, bridals...actually getting a chance to meet with the pastor...you know, minor details! Jason's schedule makes it difficult and we keep having appointments for this stuff and needing to change at the last minute! Ah well, it's the price we pay for having a 24 hr a day on call job! I know it will all get taken care of, so I'm not worried about it at the moment!

Work is going well. I got a promotion this week and was told I'm going to start training for the case manager position! Wow! I've been with this company for 2 months and already I am blessed! I am now going into the office for 2 days of the week and working with my sweet little patient for the other two. Once I'm fully trained, I'll get a raise and move from hourly rate back to salary. It's so encouraging to have trust and faith placed in me.

Well, I'm going to enjoy my day off today! Not sure what I'm going to do, but it doesn't really matter! :)