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Friday, August 28, 2009

Hello from Euless!

Well, I am all moved in and somewhat settled! Liberty and Oliver are coping well, which is WAY different than before! I only have about 4 boxes left to unpack, but I'm putting them off for as long as possible!

It's SO different being in a suburb...rather than an urban area! I forgot how much I love it! There's restaurants close by! Walmart is 10 min away! Target is even closer!! What a delight! :) I really have missed being in the suburb frame of mind.

Today, I finally got GOOD cable (which is something I have been without for 6 months, at least!). I am settling in to my new "normal". A life where I ride the train to work when I am not on call. A norm where my puppies don't have a mile to walk to get to the bathroom. A life in the suburbs. It feels really GOOD!

Everything with my move went very well. The movers were on time and nothing has been damaged. They were quick and did an amazing job! My parents were here to help unpack the CRAZINESS of my apartment! I got to spend time with Jen, Michael, my parents, and Jason at a fabulous dinner. All in all, a good moving weekend...if one could even call moving good!

Liberty, Oliverl and I are learning this new way of life. I am loving being closer to Jason. I actually am loving being closer to all the action...halfway between Fort Worth and Dallas! It's quite the adventure.

For now, I am learning to adjust. Learning that what I have planned is not always what God has planned. And patience...which is the most difficult lesson of all! I am NOT a patient person! :)

So, from a well settled apartment in Euless, I will sign off. Good night!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The lull...

It's absolutely the lull before the storm. I am moving this weekend...which no doubt will have absolute chaos ensue. My parents are coming from Houston to help...which is absolutely appreciated! I have every single thing in my house except a week's worth of clothes and my computer packed. No kitchen anything! I have lots of little things from Central Market so I can have some sort of nourishment! I have plans for dinner with friends on Tuesday and plans for dinner with a drug company on Thursday. Friday? I get my Dart ID (so I can ride the TRE to work!), take Liberty to Connie's for doggy day care, sign my lease, move into my apartment, have my direct tv installed, have my time warner cable installed, and maybe even breathe? Saturday? My parents have volunteered to clean my old apartment, Jason is going to do some sort of "Kirby sudsing" of the carpet, and I will hopefully be unpacked. Sunday? My parents will have to go home (Sad!) and I will be left to start my new experience in Euless! Not busy at all!

Meanwhile, Jason is out of town all week working. I am eating food from my microwave. And Liberty is absolutely freaking out every time I even leave the room! That's pretty typical for her, so I'm not too concerned about that! Here are the good parts: Jason should be home by the weekend to help me move! I have netflix movies online to watch! I get to experience food from Central Market and that's ALWAYS delightful. I will see my parents this weekend which is always a good thing. I am experiencing a minimalist perspective...living with very few possessions is a new and enlightening experience.

As far as work goes? My sweet Hannah continues to be a miracle. She gets better every day and has finally gone through a weekend without a disasterous experience. It's a good thing, because my poor heart couldn't undergo much more. She is an absolute precious girl and I just melt every time I see her! If any of you are on Facebook, her page is PRAY FOR HANNAH. Her mama is an absolutely precious woman who has had more to deal with than I could ever imagine. Go support her!

Okay, Liberty and I are going back to watching our Netflix movies! Hooray for instant movies, right? Have a wonderful week! I'll hopefully be broadcasting from Euless next time!

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Lifting her up

Many of my posts lately have revolved around sweet and adorable Hannah Olivia. She is absolutely one of my most favorite patients of all time. She also has become, although not of her own volition, one of the most stressful patients I have ever had. She is SO sick. Every week, she struggles to improve her condition...and every weekend, she seems to plummet down into all kinds of badness. I don't really understand this enigma, but it still happens...each and every weekend.

I wish that I could fix things with just a word...but I can't. I can only continue to tell people about her and lift her up in prayer. Jesus is the ONLY one who can fix her now...people here on earth are only pawns by which God can work His ultimate plan for sweet Hannah's life.

Please spend a bit of your prayer time tonight for my sweet almost 5 year old Hannah. She needs a miracle...and so do her parents. Bless them with your prayers....she's absolutely worth it. I'll put up a picture of her from May...the annual transplant picnic!

Isn't she beautiful?

Yep! That's my flower girl! :)