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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Step into the future....

Well, after spending the day at the funeral of my grandma's best friend, my parents gave me my graduation presents! My mom has been working on a T-shirt quilt for me for about a year. She finished it last month and brought it to me today! It's beautiful! :)

They also brought me my newest step into the 21st century....and IPOD! I keep borrowing my friend's ipods for when I'm at work and I absolutely need to listen to something other than my secretary's (oh yeah, I have a secretary! CRAZY!) oldies music! So now, I am attempting to place all my CD's on it. It's quite the process. I think I've been doing it forever...and it's only been a couple of hours. I've probably only have about 15 cd's left, and that doesn't count the complilation CD's that don't transfer!

SO, that's all that's been going on. Keep praying for my grandma. She also found out this afternoon that her brother passed away this morning. She's going through a lot right now!

YAWN. Guess I should go to bed. I'm awfully sleepy.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Four weeks later....

SO, now that four weeks have passed....let's just see!

I AM DONE WITH SCHOOL! Hooray! We finished off today with a fabulous party in the classroom, one that was very much deserved. Our clinical advisor gave us all presents and it was a very lovely ending. The last week, I haven't had any school work to do, and it's been a very odd feeling. I've been reading non school books and LOVING it!

I have a new job! I'm still trying very hard to get used to it, and I think it will take awhile. I really miss taking care of my kids on the floor, but am loving seeing all these kids every week. I have an office, which I share with 2 other women, but I have my very own section with a LOT of room to decorate! Ideas anyone? I've got business cards coming, along with my very own lab coat! Aren't I official? I've had to jump into my job a little faster than I'd like, seeing everyone in heart transplant but me is at conference this week! We still have a baby on the waiting list for a heart, and part of me just hopes it doesn't happen quite yet!

NESSIE IS HEALED! If you don't know who Nessie is, you absolutely need to spend more time with me. Nessie's my car...and she had a nice big dent in her bumper...but no more! She's beautiful and shiny! I did have to drive a piece of junk Sentra for a week (it's horrid to go back to a car after having a SUV!), but now I have her back and am HAPPY!

Wardrobe? Well, we're getting there. I really despise shopping for clothes, although I find it less and less annoying the smaller I get. I've got some clothes. Thankfully, I can wear scrubs on Wednesdays (clinic day), so I've got less days I have to plan for. I'm now always going to be on the hunt for a bargain. Anyone know any?

RETREAT! What a blessing! Jennifer, Tammy, and I stayed at the Gaylord Texan and learned all about JOY! I desperately needed this soul "makeover" as I know I've been a crabby and not so nice person this semester. We also got to hear Joy Williams's beautiful voice, and I'm now so addicted to her music! What an amazing message she has to share!

Four weeks ago, I was hoping more would be different in a month. Now, I'm kinda glad there's nothing else! I need some normalcy in my life! I'm not sure that's going to ever come!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Friendships are forever.

I was all prepared to write how crazy my week was going. My new job is tiring, but I haven't completely decided what I think about it yet! I'm sure I'll enjoy it once I figure out what's going on!

My grandma (dad's mom) experienced a great loss tonight, her best friend of 60+ years. Grandma and Katie met in nursing school...and dated cousins. They eventually married cousins and both moved from the midwest to Texas. They shared the births of their children, the empty nest, the passing away of their husbands...and remained friends through it all. They vacationed together, shopped together, grew old together. Pray for my grandma...and for Katie's family...which is my family since we're all cousins! I think the funeral is on Saturday, which is a rotten excuse to see my family, but oh well. I need to be there to support my grandma. What a wonderful example of friendship I have in front of me!

Let's see....aside from being at work, I've pretty much been doing a LOT of non school reading and watching Dancing with the Stars/The Bachelor. Doesn't that sound productive? I just have to give a presentation on Thursday and then I'm done!!!

I saw one of my most favorite kiddos today in the clinic. She was here for a well check up...and she looks amazing! I've really bonded with her family and it's wonderful to see how far she's come! She was my first very VERY sick baby when I was just off orientation. I took care of her when I was on night shift and her mom and I spent MANY sleepless nights worried about her! And now she's almost 2! Her mom always brings me pictures to put on my name badge! She's such a miracle baby!

Well, must be going...I've got lots of kids to see in clinic tomorrow, so today should be faster than today! I forgot to explain that ALL the heart transplant people are in conference in San Francisco this week...and I mean all! The transplant doctor, the surgeons, the other coordinator! So, I get to see all these kids by myself...but thankfully I have a really great manager who has promised to see them with me! Today, I didn't see ANY kids and was so freaked out by the quiet I had to go steal a friend's IPOD (I'd love one, by the way!) so I had SOMETHING to listen to!

Okay. Now I am gone. Adios!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Prayers lifted

Well, I've started my new job...and it's going fine.

But all seems small to the burden that is heavy on my heart...for a precious 16 year old patient of mine. He's very VERY sick right now, and really needs your prayers. Thanks to our ridiculous government, I can't say much about him...but I can say that he is a SWEET boy that loves the LORD and is very very sick. I visited him in the ICU yesterday after his surgery and he was SO sleepy, but tried to still do his secret handshake with me. And now he's sick and we're not even sure how bad the damage is. He needs a miracle.

So pray for him. He's such a sweetie.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The countdown.

Don't you hate when something exciting is about to happen and time just almost stands still? Then, when the exciting thing occurs, it goes by SO quickly that you don't even have time to stop and think? This is how it is seeming to go for me! I am starting my new job on Monday, and the time is just CRAWLING by. I really want to just get it over with...the anticipation, the nervousness, all those crazy emotions are killing me!

I've got busy weeks ahead of me...and I'm not sure how to handle all the excitement! Of course, my new job starts Monday...and then the following Friday, Tammy, Jennifer, and I are going to a Women's retreat! Hooray! I also just found out that I'm being inducted into the nursing honor society for school, so I have that induction coming up in a few weeks, as well as the end of school!

I've been thinking lately about the possibility of buying a house. I'd like to see my rent money go somewhere more significant than a rental, so I'd really like your prayers on that. I know I'm getting a pay raise in my new job, but I don't know if it is the most financially responsible choice. Any suggestions? Advice?

Oliver and Liberty are doing well, and currently curled up in a big pile on/next to my leg. With the weather being nicer, I am sad they don't have a yard to play in, but they get to be outside a lot as I keep the patio door open most of the time. They spend a lot of time curled up in the sun out there. Oliver really loves to bark at people outside, but I'm making headway with that nasty habit by squirting him with a water bottle each time he does it. He hates it.

Other than all that mess, things are going well. I'm preparing myself to start a "regular person" job...and don't even know how to do that. I've always had odd hours...School teachers are there from 7:30-whenever they are done! For me it was always past 6 or so because I was coaching. Unit Secretary? 3-11. Not really hours conducive to any sort of life! Nurse? 7a-7p 3 days a week. Killer hours, but nice to be there only 3 days. Now..I have no idea what my hours will turn out to be. I'm sure during orientation they won't be idea, but I think they will settle out once I'm done and the 2 person job is actually being done by 2 people.

Enjoy your day!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

April 15

I have a start date! It's amazing, but true! Starting April 15th, I will report to a different department, carry a pager, have an office and a phone line, and work a normal work day. I am excited, but nervous! :)